Fatal accident claims

If your family member was involved in a fatal accident at work, you will need expert legal representation from a specialist personal injury solicitor experienced in dealing with such claims.

Work-related deaths can be extremely traumatic for those left behind, and the process of finding out exactly what happened can be long and drawn-out. At Blackwater Law, we’ve got an excellent track record when it comes to fatal accident claims and endeavour to make the process as painless as possible. If you suspect someone related to you died as a result of their employer’s actions or negligence, you can get in touch with us today to find out more about fatal accident compensation and making a claim.

When someone dies at work, the police, local authority and coroner are usually informed. There is a protocol that decides how these authorities should work together to investigate a work-related death. If the police find that no crime was committed or that there is no case for manslaughter, other authorities can step in if they feel that health and safety offences were committed. This action can be taken before or after the coroner’s inquest. The Health and Safety Executive agency or HSE may become involved if it seems that health and safety laws were violated by the employer. There are many different sector-specific agencies tasked with enforcing the law like The Office of Rail Regulation, who look after railways.

Backed By Evidence

At Blackwater Law, we specialise in helping families to put forward fatal injury claims and fatal accident compensation. Though the process of investigating work-related deaths can be tough, we leave no stone unturned when fighting on behalf of our clients. As experts in our field, you can rely on us to provide everything that is needed to present a convincing challenge. Gathering as much evidence together as possible, we’re able to use our expertise and experience to get you the fatal injury compensation that you deserve. Why not get in touch today if you’d like to talk about a fatal accident claim?

Professional and Personal

Work-related accidents are still a common phenomenon, yet many employees have felt too intimidated or powerless to press forward with claims even when they have had a robust case. Work-related deaths are also a common occurrence and can happen across a wide range of work environments, from offices to building sites. We have worked on cases involving a huge field of sectors, so get in touch today if you’ve been affected by a work-related death. Expect a personal and professional service from Blackwater Law.

We can talk to you in person, over the phone or via email about your case. We always keep our clients in the loop and inform them every time a development occurs. Why not complete the online quote form right now or call us? We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis and initial consultations are always free.

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