Gastric Band Compensation Claims

If you have had a gastric band fitted and the a surgical error was made or you have suffered injuries as a result, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

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Gastric band surgery is fast becoming one of the most common and high-profile forms of weight loss surgery in the UK. The surgery has become renowned for its fast results and high success rates, with more and more people opting for it over traditional weight-loss techniques such as dieting and exercise. The surgery involves a band being placed around the stomach to reduce its size and therefore diminish appetites, with the patient consuming smaller meals than they otherwise would. Fewer calories are consumed and the vast majority of patients are satisfied with the results, feeling no need to go ahead with gastric band claims.

Gastric Band Surgery – What you need to know

Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

Nonetheless, mistakes can be still be made and many substandard surgeons have been found guilty of offering lacklustre, dangerous services. Some people have been left with severe injuries after undergoing poor-quality surgery, seek compensation as a result. The stomach is situated close to many major organs, so it’s no surprise that there are many risks attached to the surgery. Any errors made can result in dire consequences for the patient and putting things right may involve not only a great deal of money but a further series of operations too.

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At Blackwater Law, we have enabled various victims of botched gastric band surgery to press forward with a claim. The resulting gastric band compensation can cover you for the emotional trauma attached to the inadequate procedures, loss of earnings, adjustments made to your day-to-day life, any expenses incurred when trying to correct the surgery and any adaptations that you might need to make to your home due to your condition. Other risks attached to the surgery include infections, cuts to tissues, scarring, the band slipping and even death. The rehabilitation process can be lengthy and expensive but you can rely on us to fight for the compensation you need on your behalf.

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Having worked on so many clinical negligence cases, we’re perfectly placed to help you achieve the justice that you deserve. We’ll work closely alongside you to put together as strong a case as possible and will help you to gather together as much evidence as we need to prove that you have suffered greatly as a result of the work. You can call us at any time to ask us any relevant questions and will always keep you informed about how things are progressing, never leaving you in the dark. As a ‘no win, no fee’ service, you can expect much of the financial risk to be removed from your claim and we’ll only go ahead with a case if we feel that there is a high chance of success rather than wasting your time. Call today to discuss gastric band compensation claims.

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