Nose job (rhinoplasty) claims

If you have suffered due to a poor rhinoplasty (nose job) surgical procedure, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation with assistance from Blackwater Law.

Surgeon and his assistant performing cosmetic surgery on nose in hospital. Nose reshaping, augmentation. Rhinoplasty.

Have you suffered from clinical negligence during a rhinoplasty operation? Nose reshaping is a popular form of cosmetic surgery and has helped scores of patients worldwide to achieve the results they desired, but as with many forms of surgery, there are risks attached, especially if the surgery is performed by substandard surgeons. We can help you to fight for the compensation that you deserve if you’ve been the victim of surgery gone wrong.

Fighting for Compensation

Rhinoplasty usually involves a great deal of anaesthetic due to the painful nature of the surgery and can be performed for medical as well as cosmetic reasons. Some people opt for rhinoplasty after suffering from an injury that has affected the nose and made it harder to breathe, whilst others may simply undergo the procedure due to dissatisfaction with the nose’s appearance. When negligent surgeons are at play, risks might include nerve injury, infection, blood clots and various forms of damage, such as the septum being affected. As the demand grows, more and more lacklustre surgeons have decided to cash in on the market. This in turn has led to numerous claims being put forward. If you feel that you may have a case for compensation, you can get in touch with Blackwater Law to discuss your circumstances today.

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At Blackwater Law, we have an excellent track record when it comes to fighting for justice following botched surgery. The resulting rhinoplasty compensation can cover you for various costs, such as the money spent on the work, subsequent operations, loss of earnings and other expenses incurred. You can also expect any payout to reflect any emotional pain and suffering caused by the work such as reduced self-esteem as well as treatments including counselling. Having worked on such a diverse range of cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty claims, you can rely on us to offer the expertise and experience needed for a successful claim to be made.

A Robust Case

We will help you gather as much evidence as possible together in order to prove that the surgeon was negligent before and during the surgery. Each and every part of the claim will be thoroughly investigated and we will work closely with leading medical experts in order to strengthen your case. We will always keep you in the loop, informing you of any developments as they happen and welcome you to call us at any time with any relevant queries that you may have.

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We know just how harrowing a botched facelift can be, especially as it can take a great deal of courage to press forward with the surgery in the first place. It is wise to act now rather than later as such claims do come with strict time limits attached. Let us fight for justice on your behalf. Call Blackwater Law today to discuss rhinoplasty compensation claims.


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