Road traffic accident claims

Road traffic accident claims are the most common type of personal injury claim in the UK, yet the injuries sustained in car accidents can vary greatly. Each case is different and requires specialist legal advice to ensure that the highest level of compensation is achieved.


A close up of a red emergency triangle on the road in front of a car after an accident.

Road traffic accident compensation

Anna Watson deals with road traffic accident compensation claims on a daily basis and has extensive experience in winning compensation for injuries ranging from minor whiplash through to severe paralysis. With her experience and compassionate service associated with every road traffic accident compensation claim, you can be sure that your claim will be processed as quickly and effectively as possible.

Talk to our team about your claim if you were the:

  • Driver
  • Motorcyclist
  • Passenger
  • Cyclist
  • Pedestrian

Our team asses you and the injury costs associated with your road accident claim to ensure that you receive the appropriate level of compensation. We always endeavour to build a strong case on your behalf for your road accident claim which covers various effects, such as:

  • The effect of your injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical costs
  • Damage to property
  • Possible effects on your personal life

Our approach is always professional and personal, so you can be sure to get the best cover from Blackwater Law when it comes to proceeding with a road traffic accident claim. We offer exceptional client service, which means you will have direct access to your team when you need it. We can meet you in person, talk over the phone or discuss via e-mail; whichever suits you best. We will always keep you up to date with the progress of your road accident claim and explain the options to you simply and clearly, so you can make informed decisions.

If you would like to talk to one of the team to chat through your experiences and assess whether you would like to pursue a road traffic accident compensation claim, call us or complete the online contact form and we will get back to you right away.

The initial consultation will be free of charge and our specialist advice is given on a no-win, no-fee basis across all claims.

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Only a qualified lawyer can tell you if you have a case and how much a claim could be worth.

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Personal injury lawyer Kamila Jaskula successfully secured compensation for a widow whose husband, and the father of her children, had been killed in a motor accident collision.

A close up of a red emergency triangle on the road in front of a car after an accident.

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