Compensation awarded to family of road traffic victim

Personal injury lawyer Kamila Jaskula successfully secured compensation for a widow whose husband, and the father of her children, had been killed in a motor accident collision.

A close up of a red emergency triangle on the road in front of a car after an accident.

In 2019, our client’s husband was a front passenger in a vehicle which was being driven by a colleague along a dual carriageway. The vehicle then collided with two stationary vehicles that were parked at the side of the road. The injuries caused to our client’s husband were fatal.

Ms S made a financial dependency claim for her and her young children under the Fatal Accident Act 1976. The deceased was a doting father and had an active part in the children’s day-to-day life.

Once he had passed away, his family felt his loss both emotionally as one would expect, but also in terms of the practical support and assistance he had provided whilst he was alive.

It was possible to bring a claim for ‘Service Dependency’ based on childcare and household assistance.

As expected, bringing the claim forward and going through the process was difficult for our client. Kamila was able to assist and support the client through the difficult legal process.

During negotiations, defendant insurers asserted that some of the blame should sit with the owners and insurers of the parked vehicles. The opponent’s position made it difficult to progress the case, however, with successful negotiations, Kamila and the Blackwater Law team overcame the complexity that this case presented and simplified the process leading to a successful conclusion of the case.

A final award was at least able to demonstrate some recognition through compensation of such a sudden, tragic and untimely loss.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a road traffic accident, our serious injury claims team could help you to secure compensation.


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