Two claims for clinical negligence settled for our client

Anna Watson represented our client who had initially contacted us regarding a personal injury claim, however, Anna also identified an additional 2 cases of clinical negligence.

Medical drip in hospital corridor

The first clinical negligence claim was in relation to the Claimant falling out of bed and suffering a fractured pelvis while under the care of a brain injury centre

The second claim arose when, during the course of the personal injury claim, upon review of the client’s medical records, Anna Watson discovered that the Claimant had suffered a negligent fall at an NHS hospital before she was transferred to the abovementioned brain injury centre.

Our client was admitted to the NHS hospital suffering from viral encephalitis. This caused confusion and erratic behaviour. Our client was noted to be at increased risk of falls but despite that, when she asked to go to the toilet, she was allowed to go unaccompanied. As a result, she fell and suffered a fractured right hip that required a partial hip replacement.

A detailed letter of notification was sent to the relevant Trust whilst a breach of duty evidence was being arranged. However, the Trust admitted breach of duty and causation at an early stage.

Defendant then made an offer to settle at £15,000 which Blackwater Law accepted, upon agreement with the client.

This case highlights the Team’s (in particular Anna Watson’s) investigative and detailed approach to the review of medical records and evidence at hand, so much so that two additional cases arose from the review of evidence relating to an initial personal injury case.

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