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Gestational diabetes can pose risks for both mother and baby, which is why the correct diagnosis and medical treatment are essential. As birth injury and maternity negligence specialists, Blackwater Law has extensive experience in handling gestational diabetes claims.

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Unfortunately, if gestational diabetes is not properly monitored, then both mother and baby are exposed to an increased risk of complications. Gestational diabetes negligence can therefore arise from a number of issues.

Firstly, if a midwife or medical professional fails to spot signs of the condition, or to carry out the appropriate screening test and harm arises as a result.

A claim for gestational diabetes may also arise if medical professionals do not act upon the test results in the appropriate manner and fail to make a suitable treatment plan. Or where they do not take steps to manage and monitor the condition throughout the duration of pregnancy.

Those suffering from gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of having a larger baby (over 4kg). This can increase the possibility of a traumatic birth, making it important for medical professionals to take preventative steps to mitigate the risk of further complications -such as shoulder dystocia, vaginal tears and even stillbirth. It may therefore be medically necessary for a c-section delivery, which, if not completed in a timely way can lead to complications such as cerebral palsy.

Following birth, the baby should be monitored for any complications such as low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and jaundice (sometimes referred to as Kernicterus), which may also require further medical intervention.

Why make a gestational diabetes claim?

It can be a difficult decision to take steps to make a gestational diabetes claim, and as specialist birth injury lawyers, we appreciate this is a significant and important stage.

Gestational diabetes compensation can enable you to pay for additional medical expenses, to re-coup any current or future loss of earnings and provide future care or treatment as required.

Your claim for gestational diabetes can also act as an important step in ensuring other families do not suffer from the same negligent care that you did. A claim for compensation may encourage NHS and private hospitals to take active steps to avoid future negligence from occurring.

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What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a condition that can occur at any stage of pregnancy, although more frequently in the second or third trimester.  It occurs when there is high blood sugar (glucose), owing to the fact that your body is unable to produce enough insulin, to meet additional requirements during pregnancy.

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Blackwater Law understands the importance of your claim. Our medical negligence solicitors have extensive experience in advising clients in relation to wide-ranging birthing and maternity incidents sustained by mothers and children during pregnancy, or post labour.

Our team is accredited as one of the leading teams of medical negligence lawyers in the South East, by the Legal 500, a ranking of the UK’s top law firms in various specialist legal areas.

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