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To successfully claim knee injury compensation, you will need expert advice from a specialist personal injury claim solicitor.


Claim knee injury compensation

If you have suffered a knee injury in an accident that was not your fault, Blackwater Law personal injury solicitors are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve. The specialist lawyers at Blackwater Law have extensive experience in successfully settling knee injury compensation claims plus a wide variety of other leg injuries.

Our personal injury solicitors have the necessary knowledge and expertise to put forward the strongest possible case for compensation on your behalf.

You may be able to claim compensation where your knee injury has been caused in one of the following situations:

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Knee injury compensation amounts

Knee injuries can range in their complexity and therefore, the amount of compensation a person could be entitled to. A mild knee injury like a twist or bruising for example could be valued up to £13,740. A severe knee injury that leaves the person with significant damage to the joint or ligaments causing disability could be entitled to claim between £69,730 – £96,210

Use our compensation calculator below to estimate the potential knee injury compensation amount you may receive if your claim is successful. Although each case is considered individually, the severity of the knee injury, combined with the effect on the individual, is likely to lead to the kind of compensation amounts shown. After you have used the compensation calculator, you should call us to get more information on how to claim knee injury compensation.

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Types of knee injury you can claim compensation for

Knee injuries can happen in a variety of different ways, so identifying what type of injury you have sustained and how it has impacted your life will be fundamental to the success of your knee injury compensation claim, as your settlement will depend largely on how much long term pain and/or the severity of the disability you suffer as a result of your knee problem.

Knee Cap (Patella) Injuries

Knee injuries can consist of damage to the actual knee cap itself, known medically as the “patella”, which is in turn connected to the tibia (or shinbone) and fibula in your lower leg, and the femur (or thigh bone) in your upper leg. Dislocations and fractures to the knee cap and surrounding bones can lead to long-term problems with mobility, which may lead to a higher knee injury compensation claim.

Cartilage Injuries

Injuries to the cartilage of the knee (meniscus and gristle) are also quite common and can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Cartilage is the tough, stiff tissue that is found throughout the human body wherever one bone meets another. Cartilage is designed to facilitate movement without painful friction between the bones, and when this is torn or damaged movement can become uncomfortable.

Knee Ligament Injuries

One of the most common types of knee injury claims that we handle involves damage to the knee ligaments. There are four ligaments in the knee – two cruciate ligaments (in the centre of your knee) and two collateral ligaments (either side of your knee). Slips and trips can cause an unnatural twisting motion in the knee, which can easily tear or rupture any of the main knee ligaments, causing extreme pain and discomfort. Ruptured knee ligaments are likely to require surgery and can result in several months of rehabilitation before the patient is able to resume normal activities, while minor knee ligament injuries sometimes do not require surgery.

Muscle Injuries

You could also be due knee injury compensation if you injure the muscles that power the movement of the knee, such as the quadriceps located at the front of your leg, the hamstrings found at the back of your upper leg and the calf muscle at the rear of the lower leg.

Knee Injury Treatment

The knee is the largest and most complex joint in the body, and as such – should you injure a part of your knee in an accident (for example a road traffic accident or an accident at work), as a result of some form of medical negligence (such as in a defective operation procedure at the hospital) or through a criminal act of violence (such as a physical assault) – you may be able to claim knee injury compensation from the person or company considered “legally at fault” or “legally responsible” for your injury. Whatever your personal circumstances, if you have suffered a debilitating knee injury as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you can begin a “no win, no fee” knee injury compensation claim today.

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Why choose Blackwater Law

Blackwater Law is a leading knee injury compensation law firm and has extensive experience in handling personal injury claims for a wide range of injuries. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the very highest level of customer service, so if you or a family member have suffered a knee injury through no fault of your own, you can rest assured that Blackwater Law will strive to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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