Midwife negligence claims

Midwife negligence claims can be made for a variety of reasons, but if you or your child have suffered unnecessarily as a result of such negligence you can make a claim.

newborn baby being held by a nurse in hospital

Making a Midwife Negligence Claim

Any situation where the actions or inactions of your midwife during pregnancy, labour or post-birth, results in unnecessary harm or distress to mother and baby may give you the grounds to claim for midwife negligence compensation.

Examples of Midwife Negligence

  • Where you present to your midwife symptoms or abnormalities which are indicative of a potential problem with your pregnancy, but the appropriate tests or examinations are not carried out to investigate further.
  • Where the results of various health tests are not properly analysed, recorded or reported – leading to a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of pregnancy complications.
  • Where appropriate action is not taken or the correct course of treatment is not administered following the diagnosis of pregnancy complications.
  • When your midwife fails to take into account pre-existing conditions or a family history of certain ailments that could impact your pregnancy.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list – there may be other medical scenarios that can lead to you suing a midwife. If you are unsure about whether your circumstances provide legal grounds for claiming compensation, you should seek expert advice from a solicitor at your earliest convenience.

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Midwife Negligence Solicitors

Here at Blackwater Law medical negligence solicitors, we have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in dealing with midwife negligence claims and other more general birth injury claims. Our team of solicitors advise and represent clients from across the country, and our reputation in the field of medical law is exceptional.

We are independently recognised by The Legal 500 for providing some of the very best legal advice and support in relation to medical negligence in the South East. You can be sure that you will get the very best advice and that your solicitor will fight to help you secure the maximum available compensation regarding your circumstances and the injuries to you or your baby.

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Blackwater Law successfully represented the family of baby Blake in making a midwife negligence claim after the community midwife failed to notice a severe medical abnormality.

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Jason Brady was really good, he supported me through the whole entire thing.

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