NHS Patient Safety Incident Claims

If during the course of your NHS care, you or a family member have fallen victim to a Patient Safety Incident you may be entitled to compensation.


What are Patient Safety Incidents?

Patient Safety Incidents refer to any unexpected or unintended incident which could have, or did lead to harm for a patient receiving healthcare. These incidents are reported by the healthcare provider or NHS Trust according to the level of harm that the Patient Safety Incident caused, the most severe of which are also classified as Serious Incidents:

No harm – This could refer to a prevented patient safety incident or an incident where no harm was caused

Low harm – A Patient Safety Incident that required extra observation or treatment and caused minimal harm to one or more persons receiving healthcare

Moderate harm – An unexpected or unintended incident that required extra treatment, including potential surgical intervention, cancelling of treatment or transfer to another area resulting in short term harm to one or more persons

Severe harm – Any unexpected or unintended incident that resulted in permanent or long-term harm to one or more persons

Death – Where death has resulted due to an unexpected or unintended incident

During the six month period from 1st April 2017 – 30th September 2017 over 950,000 Patient Safety Incidents were recorded by NHS Trusts covering a range of events.


 A Patient Safety Incident could include:

Incidents that would typically be recorded as Patient Safety Incidents include a patient having a severe allergic reaction to medication, if a patient’s breathing is suppressed after a syringe driver’s flow rate is set inappropriately high or an incision being made to the wrong limb of a patient scheduled for a joint replacement.

The above examples are by no means an exhaustive list of the types of incident that are recorded as Patient Safety Incidents.

Patient Safety Incidents can occur in any NHS healthcare setting including acute/general hospitals, mental health service, community trusts and ambulance service. Patients Safety Incidents therefore encompass a wide range of potential incidents, which can vary in severity and harm.

Patient Safety Incident claims

If you have been informed that you or a loved one have been a victim of a Patient Safety Incident and have suffered injury or harm as a result, you may be entitled to pursue a Patient Safety Incident claim.

In order to successfully pursue a claim for medical negligence you will need advice from a specialist medical negligence solicitor, such as those at Blackwater Law.

Blackwater Law’s team of specialist medical negligence solicitors have experience in successfully obtaining financial compensation for those who have fallen victim to a Patient Safety Incident. The team of expert lawyers will be able to tell you whether you may have a case against your healthcare provider and will inform you of the process should you wish to make a claim, as well as answering any questions you may have about the process.

No win, no fee compensation claims

Blackwater Law operate all medical negligence claims on a no win, no fee basis meaning there is no financial risk to you or your loved ones if you decide to proceed with a claim for compensation relating to an NHS Patient Safety Incident.

Will you know if a Patient Safety Incident has occurred?

In some instances, you may not have been informed by your healthcare provider that a Patient Safety Incident was recorded against your or your family member’s care, however if you have reason to believe that you received substandard care and that you or a loved-one have fallen victim to a Patient Safety Incident then you still may be entitled to receive compensation for any injuries, illness or suffering received as a result.

If this is the case, your medical negligence solicitor at Blackwater Law will undertake the necessary investigations pertaining your care and will give you the expert advice and guidance you need.

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Leading Patient Safety Incident solicitors

Blackwater Law are independently recognised by The Legal 500 – a directory of the UK’s top law firms – as a leading firm of solicitors for advice and representation in relation to medical negligence claims. You can therefore be confident that when you call Blackwater Law for expert advice in relation to your potential claim for compensation, that you are receiving some of the best legal advice available.

Are Patient Safety Incidents recorded?

In theory all Patient Safety Incidents that occur within any NHS healthcare setting should be reported and recorded by the trust. However, you will not necessarily be made aware if the NHS care provider records a Patient Safety Incident in relation to the care you or your family member have received.

Once individual cases of Patient Safety Incident are recorded by staff at NHS organisations, including doctors, nurses and midwives, these are then reported on a regular basis by NHS improvements so that learnings can be made to help prevent these incidents occurring in the future. This may be of little comfort however, if you have suffered serious or debilitating damage as a result.

Not all Patients Safety Incidents will have occurred as a result of medical negligence, however, medical negligence is likely to account for some of the total incidents reported. In particular, where severe harm or death was the outcome of a Patient Safety Incident and where medical negligence was the cause then it may be possible to seek compensation.

If you believe you or a family member have been the victim of a Patient Safety Incident as a result of substandard care or medical negligence, then call Blackwater Law’s team of specialist medical negligence solicitors. You will speak with a specialist medical negligence lawyer who will be able to advise you and quickly tell you whether you may be able to receive compensation for any suffering.


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