Ventouse and Forceps delivery claims

If an assisted forceps or ventouse delivery has caused injury to the mother or baby, you can seek legal advice to make a forceps or ventouse delivery claim.

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Forceps and ventouse delivery claims

Although delivery by forceps or by ventouse may increase certain risks to you and your child, these risks remain relatively low as long as proper procedure is followed and precautions are taken. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there are a number of instances where failures on the part of medical staff could mean you are entitled to forceps injury compensation:

  • Where there is an unnecessary delay in utilising either forceps or the Ventouse device.
  • Where the wrong decision is made in reference to which instrument to use.
  • If the medical personnel responsible for using the forceps or ventouse has had insufficient training and an injury arises as a result.
  • Where medical staff are too forceful with forceps causing injury to the child or the mother.

Why make a forceps/ventouse claim?

Injuries caused by forceps or ventouse, could lead to lasting injury to you and/or your baby. This can lead to further complications such as cerebral palsy and erbs palsy. These complex conditions will often mean your child will require extra specialist care, which can be expensive.

It may also affect your ability to work due to injury or care duties. Making a birth injury compensation claim is the best way to secure your financial future.

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What are forceps and ventouse deliveries?

Forceps or ventouse deliveries are forms of assisted delivery commonly used where mothers are struggling to give birth via the conventional means, known as “spontaneous delivery”. Whilst they are both considered to be largely safe, they are only utilised where it is considered absolutely necessary because of the elevated risks to mother and baby relative to spontaneous delivery. Learn more in our articles below

Forceps and Ventouse: Learn More

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Contacting Blackwater Law medical negligence solicitors means you will get free initial advice and support from a legal team that is independently recognised by the Legal 500 as one of the best in the country. Our expert team can offer you the experience and the knowledge necessary to determine quickly whether or not you have grounds to make a forceps/ventouse delivery compensation claim and to support you at every stage thereafter. It’s important to get in touch quickly, however, as time restrictions may apply to your case.

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