Industrial disease claims

If you work has caused you to be ill you may be entitled to make a claim for industrial disease. To make a successful claim though, you will need advice from an industrial disease lawyer.

Industrial Diseases & Illnesses compensation

Safeguarding the health and safety of employees should be of paramount importance for any employer. However, if this responsibility is not taken seriously then it could leave staff vulnerable to industrial diseases, which could have life-threatening consequences for the employee, and could lead to industrial disease claims.
If you have been exposed to hazardous substances, been injured at work, suffered from loss of hearing due to inadequate protection or suffered chronic back pain as a result of your working conditions, then you may be entitled to make an industrial disease claim to aid your recovery and cover any loss of earnings.

Who is Responsible for Your Industrial Illness or Disease?

Your employer is legally obliged to do everything reasonably possible to protect you from hazardous substances and situations whilst you are at work in order to minimise the risk of you developing an industrial disease or illness such as mesothelioma, pleural plaques and chronic back pain.

For example, if your working environment is particularly noisy, it is your employer’s duty to reduce the noise to an acceptable level or, if this is not possible, to put in place measures of equipment to help prevent industrial deafness or tinnitus, such as providing ear defenders. If such actions are not taken by your employer, you may be entitled to industrial disease compensation.

If your job exposes you to potentially dangerous chemicals, your employer should take all necessary precautions to ensure that these chemicals are made as safe as possible, and that contact with them is kept to a minimum or eliminated altogether if particularly harmful. Your employer is legally obliged to provide you with protective clothing whenever working with the harmful substances. If your employer does not take such action, they may find themselves the subject of industrial disease claims.

What Types of Industrial Disease Claims Can You Make?

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Making an Industrial Disease Claim

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