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If your facelift surgery did not go to plan and you have been left scarred, injured or requiring further surgery, you may be entitled to make a facelift claim.

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When facelifts are performed to the highest standards, patients can benefit from the results that they desire and see their self-esteem improved drastically as a result. However, things can inevitably go wrong during cosmetic surgery, especially when inadequate surgeons put profits being standards.

A facelift is also known as a rhytidectomy and enables the visible signs of ageing to be reduced. Age causes the face to become less elastic and lines to appear in the skin due to loosened facial muscles. We may even notice folds of the skin. Some people opt for facelifts to improve the appearance of the entire face itself, whilst others choose to simply have certain areas worked on. Facelifts can also remove jowls, creases beneath the eyelids and double chins to give just a few examples. Blackwater Law has a stunning track record when it comes to facelift compensation claims.

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During a typical facelift, skin is separated from tissues, excess fat is removed and muscles are tightened up. Skin is then stitched back to the place where the initial incision was made and the procedure is completed. Forehead lifts and deep facelifts are two common forms of facelift. Unsurprisingly, there are risks attached to facelifts, but if the expected short-term pain does not subside after a certain period of time, there is a chance that clinical negligence may have been at work. The most prominent risks include a poor reaction to the anaesthetic, infection and excessive bleeding. Pain, swelling and bruising are also common side effects, but again these should only be felt for a short time. If any of the above occurs more aggressively or for longer than you might reasonably expect – or if the resulting appearance does not match your expectations, then you may have strong grounds for a claim.

Why make a facelift claim?

Whilst cosmetic surgery is often used to address issues with self-esteem, poorly implemented procedures can make issues with confidence even worse. Facelift compensation is designed to offset the emotional trauma associated with botched surgery to some degree and cover loss of earnings and any expenses related to poor-quality cosmetic work. You may have to undergo further procedures to put things right and may even need counselling as a result of it. If you feel that you have been the victim of negligent cosmetic surgery, Blackwater Law can help.

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