Umbilical cord prolapse claims

Umbilical cord prolapse is rare but can be life-threatening for the baby. Quick medical intervention is often essential in securing the optimum outcome.  Failure to do so can result in life-long injuries, or even the death of the baby and a prolapsed cord claim may arise as a result.


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Make an umbilical cord prolapse claim

Umbilical cord prolapse can be a terrifying situation for both mother and baby and due to the associated risks, rapid response from medical professionals is vital. Umbilical cord prolapse negligence can therefore arise from several reasons.

Firstly, a failure to identify a prolapsed umbilical cord when it occurs, particularly in instances where there is a known risk factor such as polyhydramnios or the baby is in a transverse position.

Additionally, if medical professionals fail to escalate the birth of the baby accordingly, for example, a failure to refer for an emergency caesarean and where a delay to the delivery was avoidable then an umbilical cord prolapse claim may arise. If a vaginal delivery is pursued and injury occurs due to an assisted delivery such as an excessive force using forceps or ventouse then a claim for birth injury compensation may be sought.

It is, however, also important to note that in some instances, even with the most appropriate medical intervention, a baby may suffer adversely due to the prolapse

Why make a prolapse umbilical cord claim?

Making a claim for umbilical cord prolapse compensation can be daunting. However, if you or your baby suffered adversely as a result and believe that negligence was a contributing factor, then specialist advice from a birth injury lawyer is necessary.

If a baby has suffered adversely due to negligence, a prolapsed cord compensation can enable you to pay for additional medical expenses that the baby may need, recoup current and future loss of earnings as well as help to provide for future medical care or treatment that may be required.

Your claim for compensation can also act as an important step in ensuring other parents and babies do not suffer from the same negligent care that you did.

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What is Umbilical Cord Prolapse?

Umbilical cord prolapse is an emergency situation as it can be compressed during a contraction and result in a reduced oxygen supply to the baby. This would require an immediate delivery as a lack of oxygen to the baby can cause long-term harm or even death.

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