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Use the calculator below to estimate how much compensation you may be entitled to.

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Using the personal injury compensation claims calculator

We have designed the compensation calculator to be easy to use. To start calculating your compensation, select the area of the body where you have suffered your injury. For example, if you have suffered an injury to the head, you would select ‘Head Injury’ from the drop-down list.  If you have been injured in multiple areas, choose the area of the body where you suffered the worst injury and calculate compensation based on this injury.

Once you have selected the area of the body where you have been injured, the next stage of the compensation claims calculator is to select how severe your injuries are. The severity of your injury will have a significant impact on the amount of compensation that is calculated, with more serious injuries receiving a higher compensation amount.

Once you have selected the area of the body that is injured and indicated how severe the injury is, you will be presented with an estimated calculation.

The compensation amount you are presented with is only an estimate. It may be that if you are able to claim compensation, the compensation amount that you are entitled to may be higher than that estimated by the claims calculator. That is because every compensation claim is different and there may be loss of earnings, medical care and other losses that you may be entitled to claim for.

After you have used the Compensation Calculator

It is important that once you have used the calculator you call Blackwater Law solicitors on 0800 085 500 and speak to a specialist solicitor who can answer all of your questions and quickly tell you whether you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Is the compensation calculator accurate?

The personal injury compensation amount that you are provided with is only an estimate. The figure is based on up-to-date official guidelines. These guidelines are used by personal injury solicitors, medical negligence solicitors and Courts to value compensation claims and decide how much compensation should be provided in different cases.

Blackwater Law’s compensation calculator provides claim estimates based solely on compensation amounts for pain and suffering. It does not take into consideration loss of earnings (past and future), whether you have dependents (children) that rely on you and whether you will need professional care and rehabilitation to help you recover.  In the worst of cases, it may be that you require long-term professional care to assist you in daily life following your injury. Claims that involve elements of any or all of these factors will be significantly higher than indicated in the calculator. If these factors relate to you, you should call Blackwater Law on 0800 083 5500 and speak directly to an expert solicitor.

Free initial compensation claim advice

When you call Blackwater Law on 0800 083 5500, you will get free initial advice on whether or not you can claim compensation. You will speak directly to one of Blackwater Law’s specialist medical negligence or personal injury lawyers. Who you speak with exactly will depend on the circumstances, event or accident that led to your injury. Rest assured, you will be put through to the solicitor best placed to give you the advice you need.

No win, no fee claims

If when you call us we tell you that you can indeed make a claim for compensation, your case will be accepted on a no-win, no fee basis. This means that you face no financial risk in making a claim. If your case loses, you will not pay us anything.

If your no win, no fee claim for compensation is successful, your legal fee will be a percentage of the compensation that you are awarded. This will be agreed upon with you at the outset.

Client testimonial

I feel that Jason got me the best possible outcome. It was more than I could ever have imagined.

Catherine Gray, featured in above video.

Blackwater Law personal injury solicitors settled an £80,000 compensation claim for Mr Howe who was injured in a construction site accident.

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