Oligohydramnios compensation claims

Oligohydramnios is a rare condition that can occur during pregnancy. However, it can have severe consequences for mother and baby, meaning that the correct diagnosis and management are crucial. A failure to identify the condition can lead to an oligohydramnios claim being sought.

Making a Claim for Oligohydramnios

Owing to the nature of the condition, it is very important for a correct diagnosis in order to ensure the best possible outcome for mother and baby. Failure of medical professionals and sonographers to identify oligohydramnios during a routine appointment or ultrasound may lead to an oligohydramnios compensation claim should harm arise during pregnancy or labour.

It is also important for medical professionals to try and establish the cause of oligohydramnios in order to provide the correct treatment, for example, regular monitoring and additional ultrasound scans throughout the duration of pregnancy. A failure to provide the correct treatment may result in harm to the baby, and where this occurs it may be feasible to pursue a claim for oligohydramnios.

Finally, oligohydramnios compensation may be sought if medical professionals and midwives fail to closely monitor the baby during labour. Oligohydramnios presents a higher risk of complications and therefore medical professionals, and midwives should ensure regular foetal monitoring and take appropriate steps such as an emergency c-section in instances where there is clear distress during labour.

Why make a claim for oligohydramnios

An oligohydramnios claim, if successful, can provide financial security to those who have been affected, by providing additional medical treatment as required, protecting against the loss of earnings as well as the potential to provide funding for additional support such as counselling, if required.
Many families also feel that pursuing a birth injury claim is an important step in the recovery process by ensuring the NHS or private hospital actively reviews the circumstances surrounding their case, in the hope that learnings can be made, and future incidents avoided.

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What is oligohydramnios?

Oligohydramnios is when there is a lower level of amniotic fluid (the fluid surrounding the baby) during pregnancy than expected.

Oligohydramnios: Learn More

What is Oligohydramnios? Risks and Treatments

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