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If you have been injured or suffered due to a poor liposuction procedure, you may be able to claim liposuction compensation with Blackwater Law medical negligence solicitors.

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Have you been the victim of clinical negligence during a liposuction procedure? Then Blackwater Law is here for you. Liposuction is one of the most well-known cosmetic surgery techniques and is usually chosen when traditional weight-loss techniques such as exercise and dieting haven’t worked. The procedure can be used on various parts of the body and is often opted for after weight has been gained or childbirth. Whilst the vast majority of liposuction procedures do run smoothly, clinical negligence has left some patients with a great deal of problems to deal with, and this is where Blackwater Law can help.

Uncovering Negligence

Our team of medical lawyers are experts in the field of clinical negligence and failed liposuction in particular, and can help you to receive the compensation and justice that you deserve. If it is proven that negligence did take place, the claim is usually made against the surgeon who performed the procedure. Many people have suffered from injuries after liposuction, particularly when the procedure has been performed on a delicate part of the body. Negligence can also occur when the equipment used to perform the work hasn’t been sterilised properly. In this case, the claim would usually be made against the hospital that employed the relevant member of staff.

What Isn’t Acceptable

Risks attached to liposuction include infections, damage to abdominal organs, severe scarring and abnormalities in the skin. Whilst some short-term pain and discomfort is normal, you shouldn’t expect more than temporary medical problems. Sadly, there is even a risk of death attached to negligent liposuction procedures. Liposuction compensation arising from a successful claim can cover you for any long-term injuries suffered as well as any medical expenses attached to them – including costs that will need to be net in the future. Liposuction claims payouts also reflect any loss of income resulting from the botched work as well as the psychological effects of poorly-administered liposuction. You may also receive compensation to meet the cost of any psychological treatments arising from the experience.

Enabling You

Having enabled a huge number of liposuction negligence victims to achieve the justice and compensation that was rightfully theirs, we’re perfectly placed to help you if you have suffered as a result of inadequate practices. Many surgeons have decided to cash in on the ongoing demand for cosmetic procedures, by charging over the odds for the work without adhering to the standards and professionalism that we would expect of them. To get started, all you need to do is contact us today to discuss your circumstances. If we feel that you have a strong case for a claim, we will talk you through your options and help you to gather as much evidence as is needed to heighten the chances of success. You can rely on us to empower you and benefit from the support and expertise needed to attain the justice and compensation you deserve. Get in touch today to talk about liposuction compensation claims.

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