Serious injury claims

If you or a family member have been involved in a serious injury or accident at work, successfully claiming compensation will require expert legal representation from a personal injury solicitor.

Have you or a loved one being affected by a serious or catastrophic injury? These injuries can present a huge set of challenges to not only the affected person but the people around them too. Spinal and brain injuries, burns and amputations and loss of sight all fall under the umbrella of serious injuries, and after these occur, life may never be the same again. Careers can come to an abrupt end, and it may take months if not years for improvements to be made. If you’ve been considering serious injury claims, why not get the ball rolling today by getting in touch with us.

Serious injuries can also necessitate a great deal of financial help, especially if you are no longer able to work as a result of them. Cases involving serious injuries can be incredibly complex, which means you will generally need to get an experienced expert on your side if you have a case. At Blackwater Law, we’ve helped scores of serious injury victims to get the compensation that they deserve and our team of renowned personal injury lawyers are able to work with leading medical experts in order to present as strong a case as possible.

Don’t Give Up On a Claim

We endeavour to get the highest possible amount of compensation in the shortest time possible and have even helped injury victims receive the outcome they deserve even when they didn’t think they would be successful. Action must be taken within three years of the injury being discovered. You do need to present as much evidence as you can to us, including any relevant documents and photographs related to the accident. By finding out about any treatment you might need and the costs attached to it, we may be able to help you apply for an interim payment.

Battling for Justice

Negligence must be proved in any case and that the injury was caused directly by it. Nonetheless, you can rely on our experts to leave no stone unturned in fighting for justice, working with specialist medical experts whenever necessary. We will fight relentlessly to ensure that you are covered for any rehabilitation and care that you or your loved one require, no matter how tough the challenges ahead of us might seem.

Serious injury compensation usually involves cover for future loss of earnings, loss of earnings to date, cover for any suffering, expenses for family members, care costs, equipment needed for rehabilitation and the costs attached to any adaptations needed at home. Our highly-experienced legal experts are here to help you with serious injury compensation claims. We will help you to curate all the evidence you need, present you with simplified instructions and information and always keep you in the loop about any developments that take place.

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