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To make a successful neck injury compensation claim, for the maximum compensation amount, you will need advice from a specialist personal injury solicitor.

Why Choose Blackwater Law to Handle Your Neck Injury Compensation Claim?

Blackwater Law is one of the leading firms of neck injury compensation solicitors in the UK. With many years’ experience of handling personal injury compensation claims for a variety of neck injuries sustained in any number of different ways, we have the necessary expertise to provide you with the best possible chance of securing appropriate personal injury compensation for your neck injury. So if you or a close friend or relative have suffered a neck injury through no fault of your own, call us on 0800 083 5500 for a free, one-hour consultation to assess the strength of your case. You can trust Blackwater Law to have your best interests in mind at all times and endeavour to secure the maximum possible compensation on your behalf.

Our team of professional personal injury solicitors appreciate that a neck injury of any type can have a serious affect on the quality of your mobility, quality of life and your ability to work and provide for your family. Neck injuries can sometimes lead to prolonged periods of time off of work, which can have a big impact financially as well as physically and psychologically. As a result of this, a portion of your neck injury compensation claim will include compensation for all of the financial losses, inconveniences and expenses you incur as a result of your neck injury.

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Blackwater Law is has established an enviable reputation as one of the most respected firms of personal injury lawyers in the South East, so you are safe in the knowledge you will always receive sound, reliable legal advice about how to get the neck injury compensation you deserve for your neck injury. We have vast experience of handling compensation claims for a variety of different neck injuries, including whiplash, soft tissue and tendon damage, neck strains and broken necks. We also handle personal injury compensation claims for injuries to other parts of the body, including back injuries, leg injuries and knee injuries.

What Kinds of Neck Injury Can I Claim Personal Injury Compensation For?

Neck injuries can happen in a number of different ways, and identifying what type of injury you have sustained and how it has affected your life will be crucial to the success of your neck injury compensation claim, as your financial settlement will depend largely on how much long term pain and/or disability you suffer as a result of the damage to your neck. The severity of a neck injury can vary tremendously, from someone being in pain for only a few weeks to being permanently disabled or in pain for life.


The human head is heavy part of the body, weighing approximately 4.5-5kg. If you are involved in a car accident, the sudden movement sideways, backwards or forwards can overstretch and damage the tendons and ligaments in the neck, causing acute pain and injury to the neck muscles and even the cervical spine itself. The pain and stiffness is often worse on the day after the injury is sustained and may get progressively worse for several days afterwards. After an accident it can take six to 12 hours for the symptoms of whiplash to develop, which include:

  • Neck pain and stiffness;
  • Tenderness over the neck muscles;
  • Reduced and painful neck movements; and
  • Headaches.

In most cases, the symptoms of whiplash eventually subside without causing any lasting damage. However, in a small number of cases, the pain can last for six months or longer (chronic whiplash). Chronic whiplash can make it difficult to carry out everyday activities, can cause problems at work and can also lead to anxiety and depression.

Neck Strain and Lifting Injuries at Work

Neck injuries sustained at work through lifting heavy objects; falling objects; and slips, trips and falls are not uncommon. The most common types of minor neck injuries resulting from workplace accidents include soft tissue damage, pulled muscles and ligament or tendon damage. However, some neck injuries can be more severe, having long-term consequences that affect the victim’s mobility and quality of life. If you have suffered a neck injury whilst at work, you may require medical treatment from physiotherapists, spinal surgeons, neurologists and occupational therapists. If this is the case, our expert personal injury solicitors may be able to help you claim neck injury compensation.

Broken Neck and Paralysis

When an injury occurs in the neck area of the spine, and the individual vertebrae become fractured or dislocated, the neck can be described as broken. A broken neck can be a life-threatening injury that can have a profound effect on the life of the victim. The neck area of the spine is referred to as the cervical area. Cervical vertebrae (neck bones) are the top seven bones in the spinal column. These bones form the top part of our ‘backbone’ and also serve to protect the spinal cord from injury. If the vertebrae are broken or severely dislocated, but the spinal cord is unharmed, then no neurological problems result. However, if the spinal cord is damaged or transected, there is a sudden loss of nerve supply to the entire body, including the heart and blood vessels. Such injuries can result in life-threatening medical emergencies.

Neck Injury Treatment

The majority of neck injuries will require medical treatment of some kind – from physiotherapy for whiplash to specialist medical care for more severe injuries. Anyone who has sustained a neck injury that was not their fault can make a ‘no win, no fee’ personal injury compensation claim, with the amount of compensation likely to be paid out dependent on the severity and nature of the neck injury, the prognosis for recovery and your personal circumstances. If you have suffered a neck injury of any kind, contact Blackwater Law to find out if you could be entitled to claim personal injury compensation.

How Much Neck Injury Compensation Am I Likely to Receive?

  • Minor neck injuries, including whiplash, the symptoms of which do not last more than a few months, typically warrant compensation amounts of around £1,600.
  • More severe neck injuries that produce pain and/or other symptoms for anything up to a year could be awarded compensation of between £1,600 and £3,200.
  • Severe whiplash injuries, the symptoms of which persist for between one and two years, can receive compensation of between £3,000 and £6,000.
  • Where your neck injury has inflicted trauma and damage to the discs in your cervical spine resulting in long term conditions such as spondylosis (a form of arthritis of the spine) and restricted movement, you could receive between £5,600 and £18,000.
  • If your accident has left you with little to no movement in the neck on a permanent basis, accompanied by partial paralysis of the lower body in the short term, you could receive neck injury compensation of between £18,000 and £110,000.
  • In the unfortunate event that you suffer paralysis of the lower part of your body (paraplegia) and/or paralysis from the neck down (quadriplegia) neck injury compensation can amount to between £140,000 and £300,000.

What Do I Have to Do to Make a Neck Injury Compensation Claim?

The first thing you should do before making a neck injury compensation claim is to contact Blackwater Law and speak to one of our personal injury solicitors, who will be able to quickly assess the strength of your neck injury compensation claim and advise on the most appropriate course of action to take. You can call us directly on 0800 083 5500 to get free initial advice about your injury and information about ‘no win, no fee’ personal injury compensation service.

Blackwater Law is recognised as a leading firm of personal injury lawyers by the Legal 500, an independent ranking directory of the UK’s top law firms. The Legal 500 team individually review the performance of every law firm within their directory, focusing on the quality of the legal services provided and the skills and expertise of the members of the team (including partners and associates).

Your Blackwater Law personal injury lawyer will guide you through each stage of the legal process and will keep you informed about the progress of your neck injury compensation claim throughout. In acting for you in making your claim, we will aim to build the strongest possible case on your behalf to secure the maximum amount of neck injury compensation you are entitled to.

Get expert legal advice

Call and get expert legal advice from Kamila Jaskula, specialist personal injury solicitor. Find out if you can claim compensation.

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