Care home negligence for dementia patients

By Blackwater Law

It was today reported by the Care Quality Commission that all patients suffering from dementia in hospital or a care home setting are receiving a poor level of care.

The reports goes as far to say that most patients receive rushed and uncaring treatment whilst being denied any sense of compass ion whilst basic routines are carried out.

The inspection that took place across a total of 129 care homes and 20 hospitals had four main areas under scrutiny: whether patients’ individual needs were assessed; how care was being planned and delivered; how different providers worked together i.e. hospitals and care homes and how the quality was monitored. The main comments that were highlighted from the report were that when specific care needs were identified, they were often rushed, care was not tailored to the individual, with a one size all approach taken in many circumstances, and when a patient is transferred from one care setting to another i.e. from hospital to care home, there was a lack of basic information passed on to ease the transition.

Hospitals have been flagged as the worst offender in terms of care for dementia patients, although there are many problems in care homes too. In just over half of all hospitals inspected and in three out of 10 care homes problems were not being highlighted because assessments were not thorough enough. Sadly, the report found that care was judged to be variable or poor in 42 per cent of the hospitals inspected and in 34 per cent of care homes.

The report also stated the combination of failings across the board meant that all dementia patients could expect to receive sub standard care or treatment. The report has highlighted how many patients suffering with dementia go without dignity, respect and compassion whilst being treated in hospitals or care homes.

The report also commented that they had found some settings were providing great care which was delivered by skilled and dedicated staff who took time to pay attention to patients’ needs. Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary said: “There can be no excuse, and no hiding place, for poor care within our NHS.”

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