£40,000 compensation after unsuitable surgery leaves patient with chronic back pain.

back surgery

Head of Medical negligence Jason Brady secured a £40,000 settlement for their client Mrs L, after suffering chronic pain following back surgery.

Our client, Mrs L, had a long history of both leg and back pain dating back to 2010. Initially, she was investigated for a variety of vascular conditions such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Our client continued to experience worsening back pain and began to notice numbness in her left leg and foot. As a result of this, Mrs L became much less active, as the pain hindered her mobility.

Unsuitable back surgery

Our client was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) in her feet and leg and was referred to the pain clinic in 2015. Further MRI scans of her spine in 2016 revealed extensive degenerative damage to the spine.

Our client then underwent spinal surgery in December 2017. The surgery was a spinal discectomy, fusion, fixation and DIAM stabilisation in the L4/L5 region.

Despite this surgery, our client’s pain has not improved and in fact, worsened. Mrs L experienced further symptoms such as a burning sensation in her right foot and further decreased mobility.

Expert help from Blackwater Law

Acting on behalf of Mrs L, Jason sought expert evidence from a spinal surgeon and pain consultant which was supportive of a claim for clinical negligence on the basis that conservative treatment should have continued. The surgery was not indicated (did not have a valid reason) and our client was not a suitable candidate for surgery due to her history of psychological/psychiatric and pain symptoms.

Our client suffered an exacerbation of her back condition and developed chronic pain syndrome, requiring further care and assistance as a result of clinical negligence.

Jason Brady, Head of Blackwater Law managed the claim process on behalf of Mrs L, achieving a settlement of £40,000. This will provide Mrs L with the means for additional care requirements that have arisen as a result of the negligent care she was provided with.

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