£95,000 awarded for surgical negligence

Surgery in the ICUBlackwater Law medical negligence solicitors successfully represented Mrs Lockey in her claim against University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust.

Surgical negligence

In December 2012 Mrs Lockey was admitted to Royal Stoke University Hospital (formally University Hospital of North Staffordshire) for surgery for a right femoral hernia repair. The operation was not successful and after presenting with significant groin pain, revision surgery was required in March 2013. This operation resulted in the removal of a coiled mesh but did not repair the hernia. After repeated attendances to her GP due to the pain in her groin, further laparoscopic surgery was scheduled in May 2014 where a recurrent right femoral hernia and small direct inguinal hernia were identified and repaired. Mrs Lockey also underwent an open repair of an umbilical hernia. Following the final hernial repairs, she has been left with a painful and numb right groin.

Admittance of Liability

Mrs Lockey approached Blackwater Law to represent her in a claim against the NHS trust to recover compensation for the medical negligence regarding the unsuccessful operations as well as for loss of earnings (both past and future), the resultant change in her lifestyle and future care requirements. Blackwater Law employed specialists in both surgery and pain medicine to prove the case against University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust. The first offer made to Mrs Lockey was £5,000 – Blackwater Law was able to secure a final settlement of £95,000.

Lifestyle change

Mrs Lockey has been on light duties in her place of work since the last operation and our specialist felt that she would experience prejudice if looking for work on the open market, due to the physical impairment she now experiences.

She has also had to cut back on household chores such as gardening and cannot perform many tasks without assistance. Mrs Lockey also used to enjoy an hour-long walk with her dog every morning, but now cannot manage more than 20 minutes. Other family members have to walk the dog in the evening.

Due to her inability to walk for more than 20 minutes at a time, her social circle has declined as she is unable to go out on long walks as she used to.

Of course, it is always preferable that the negligence that has left Mrs Lockey in pain does not occur, but when it does, a medical negligence solicitor can help you to claim compensation to give you financial security for your future.

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