Failings by the maternity services of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

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Maternity services at various hospitals under Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, which include services at the Royal Bolton Hospital, have been heavily criticised in recent media reports.

There have been various news reports, including from The Independent, detailing negligent treatment by the maternity services of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, including a mum who was incorrectly classed as low-risk and sent home by midwives. The mum had to ring an NHS unit a shocking 17 times before she got through for help. Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has admitted that systemic errors led to the death of the baby in January this year who was delivered stillborn. The grieving mum expressed that “‘it’s hard to put into words how much this has opened our eyes to the problems that exist in maternity services”.

A further news report has emerged whereby there was a delay in a mother being induced, despite the fact that her pregnancy was considered to be high risk.  The delay was caused by the high number of people accessing maternity services at the Royal Bolton Hospital’s Princess Anne unit.

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A further report detailed that NHS Resolution was notified of 69 formal medical negligence claims against the trust in 2019/2020 and of those, 13 were related to care provided during pregnancy and childbirth.

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust Annual Report 2019/2020 detailed that as of 31 March 2020, NHS resolution set aside £211,949k for clinical negligence claims at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.  This is an increase of 18.5% against the previous year.  The trust’s annual report states that “common areas of feedback were around clinical treatment (delay or failure of treatment; delay or failure in diagnosis), patient care and communication”.

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If you have received maternity care, pre or post birth, from any maternity service run by Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, you may have questions regarding the quality of your care. Services you may have used include but are not limited to are GP, midwife, doctor, nurse and anaesthetist. Blackwater Law are specialist birth injury solicitors with extensive experience in managing birth injury claims. Give us a call today to receive free initial advice on the treatment you have received. We take all claims on a No Win No Fee basis.

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