Government Considers Driving Age Rise for Teenagers

By Blackwater Law

Teenagers might have to wait a year longer before they can take their driving test.

A new proposal by the government is under scrutiny in a bid to curb road accidents. Currently, teenagers are allowed to take their driving tests at the age of 17. However, with the new regulations under consideration, the age could be pushed a year further on to reduce the number of young drivers on the roads.

Facts published by the Transport Research Laboratory indicated that more than a fifth of the accidents occurring in 2011 involved drivers between the ages of 17 and 24. A Department for Transport spokesperson said ‘young drivers drive around 5% of all the miles driven in Britain, but are involved in about 20% of the crashes where someone is killed or seriously injured’. Such facts have put the government under pressure to reconsider the driving ages.

Under the proposed regulations, 17 year olds will endure a one-year ‘leaner period’ consisting of 100 hours daytime driving and a further 20 hours at night; all under supervision. Learners can then take their driving test once they reach the age of 18. At this stage, they receive a probationary license, necessitating a green ‘P’ plate upon on the vehicle. Furthermore, the new motorists also face a curfew between 22.00 and 05.00 unless a passenger aged over 30 is also in the car. After being under probation for 12 months, the drivers then acquire full license with unrestricted driving.

There are other proposals regarding young motorists under consideration. Scrapping the alcohol limit altogether and banning the use of mobile phones, including hands free devices, is also on the agenda. Although this seems a very stern approach, the Transport Research Laboratory underlined that this could benefit teenagers. Insurance premiums would be reduced and, more importantly, their lives and fellow road-users’ lives would be safer.

The government’s investments into limiting road accidents will hopefully save plenty of lives; especially with winter weather fast approaching. However, many people will still be victims of road accidents, and are entitled to road traffic accident compensation claims.

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