Bowel Cancer Misdiagnosis and Compensation Claims

Early diagnosis and treatment of bowel cancer is crucial to ensuring any course of treatment is effective. But given NHS pressures, mistakes do happen and if you’ve suffered from bowel cancer misdiagnosis, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Making a Claim for Bowel Cancer Misdiagnosis

Where it can be proven that the standard of care you were provided with fell below what might reasonably be expected from a qualified physician, and that this failure has had an impact on your health and the likely outcome of your condition, you may be entitled to commence a bowel cancer misdiagnosis claim.

There are a number of failures that can lead to bowel cancer misdiagnosis. During the course of a medical examination, GPs, doctors and other clinical staff have all been known to miss key symptoms of bowel cancer. They may fail to carry out the necessary examinations that could lead to a successful diagnosis. In other cases, these tests may have been prescribed by your doctor, but a referral to a specialist is not actually made, not made in a timely fashion, or isn’t undertaken to a satisfactory standard.

Other examples of negligence potentially providing grounds for compensation for the misdiagnosis of bowel cancer include where some of the symptoms of bowel cancer were observed, but mistakenly attributed to another, less serious condition, with no further investigation being carried out.

The only way to find out whether you or your family member may be entitled to make a bowel cancer misdiagnosis claim, is to speak with a specialist medical negligence solicitor who has experience in all types of cancer claims.