Elia Teatino

Elia joined the Blackwater Law team in August 2023 as a paralegal. Elia manages both her own cases as well as assisting solicitors in the team with their cases.

Elia obtained her bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Reading, and her further LPC qualification from the University of Law.

Elia has over four years of previous experience managing her own cases to conclusion as a paralegal. Elia has dealt with many different types of clinical negligence claims including representing clients who have suffered complex and life-changing injuries as a result of negligence, such as spinal injuries, strokes and limb amputations.

Elia understands that often clients will have already suffered a great deal of distress due to negligence and so strives to make the claims process as stress-free as possible. Elia does this by ensuring that her clients feel listened to and that she is always available to provide additional support/ advice during all stages of the claims process so that her clients receive the best service possible.

Elia’s understanding and empathetic approach reflects her belief that all clients who have suffered from negligence are entitled to justice through compensation and answers about what has happened to them.”