Zoe Diss

Zoe is a specialist medical negligence solicitor and joined Blackwater Law in March 2017. Zoe has a wealth of experience representing clients across the country in a wide range of complex medical negligence claim cases; including successfully settling a case involving negligent performance of an upper and lower blepharoplasty, for £475,000.

Other examples of medical negligence claim cases that Zoe has dealt with include a delayed diagnosis; wrongful birth claims involving a failure to detect spina bifida in the unborn child and failure to treat a sarcoma and a delayed diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma, to highlight just a few. In addition to such medical negligence cases, Zoe is also experienced in dealing with dental negligence claims and negligence on the part of opticians.

Like all of the lawyers at Blackwater Law, Zoe provides those who are considering making a claim for compensation with free initial advice and guidance. This can help them understand with they are potentially entitled to make a claim and what is involved in doing so.