£25,000 for our client after a dangerous blood clot went unnoticed

Blackwater Law’s Thomas Kamlow helped secure £25,000 for our client after a blood clot went unnoticed.

A doctor measuring a patient's blood pressure

Our client, Mrs B, contacted Blackwater law after her spouse passed away from an untreated blood clot.

Mr B, who had cancer, went into the hospital for a check-up and CT scan. Once the scans had been completed, Mr B was allowed to go home.

However, the scans showed a dangerous blood clot that needed immediate treatment and anti-coagulant medication. Mr B should not have been allowed to return home after his appointment. The clot was seen on imaging by the radiology team; however the hospital did not take action due to errors in their patient management system failing to flag this as an urgent condition needing immediate treatment, imaging was also sent to Mr B’s GP on the same day, who failed to acknowledge the blood clot.

Mr B sadly passed away shortly after the appointment due to the dangerous blood clot being left untreated. If he had received treatment within 24 hours of the clot being discovered, he would have likely survived.

Blackwater Law’s Thomas Kamlow successfully secured compensation for Mrs B, as well as a formal letter of apology, admission of negligence and assurances from the hospital trust that changes were underway to ensure that this never happens again.

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