£37,500 for client who lost 8 teeth due to untreated gum disease for over 8 years

Blackwater law successfully settled for £37,500 for our client who suffered from repeated and long-term dental negligence.

Dentist operating on a patients teeth


The settlement claim arose because our client lost eight teeth due to poor care, and future dental charges were inevitable.

Our client, Mrs K, made repeated visits to her dentist (the defendant) complaining of bleeding gums. Over the course of eight years, Mrs K was told to continue to rinse her mouth using a popular mouthwash which can be bought in shops.

As a result of this poor care, our client lost 8 teeth due to untreated gum disease. The defendant failed to refer Mrs K to a hygienist, continued to give poor hygiene care, and once the symptoms became severe, failed to refer her to a periodontist to get a second opinion.

Blackwater Law solicitors managed to secure the settlement for our client, despite several challenges during the case. The defendant had gone abroad, which made them difficult to trace as they were in Jordan. The defendant’s solicitors also argued the case aggressively on the basis that our client had been a smoker some years before.

Despite this, the settlement was achieved shortly before the case was due to go to trial. Our client was compensated for her injury and future dental care.

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