£40,000 in compensation secured for our client after a delayed diagnosis.

After a delay in correcting complications arising from bowel surgery, our client faced a lengthy recovery and further surgeries.

Surgery in the ICU

Senior Chartered Legal Executive, Anna Watson was able to secure compensation for her client Mr Y for a failure to treat complications suffered during surgery.

Mr Y attended the hospital to undergo what was supposed to be a routine hernia operation. Our client was only supposed to be in the hospital for a day.

Following the operation, our client suffered complications, which led to a blockage in the bowel. Unfortunately, this blockage was not acted upon for 72 hours following the operation.

Our client then had to undergo a second operation to resolve the blockage. It was here that the surgeons found that the mesh used in the original operation had become infected, and the infection was spreading.

As a result, our client had to have part of their bowel removed, and a stoma put in place. This meant a long recovery time was needed for what should have been a straightforward operation.

Anna Watson was able to successfully argue that had the complications been acted upon earlier, our client would not have required further surgeries, a stoma and such a long recovery period.


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