More than £300,000 secured in compensation following a failure to diagnose a stroke.

Jason Brady, Medical Negligence Partner secured compensation for our client Mrs B, on behalf of her deceased husband because of medical negligence

Our client’s husband suffered severe headaches over a 2-week period and attended his GP practice. Given that he had no history of migraines or headaches, the GP recommended he attended the local hospital to rule out a brain aneurysm.

He attended hospital, where they failed to carry out a CT scan and discharged him home with painkillers.

The painkillers had no effect, so he subsequently reattended the same hospital 2 days later. On this occasion, he had a CT scan and MRI scan, but these were misreported, as being normal.

In fact, they did reveal a type of brain aneurysm which should have been picked up on his initial hospital attendance, and for which he should have received treatment


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Whilst in hospital, he began to suffer from a stroke. However, he was told he was not having a stroke and was given sedatives which masked the ongoing symptoms of neurological deterioration.

He continued to deteriorate and was eventually transferred to the intensive care unit, where the MRI and CT scan were correctly interpreted as showing evidence of an aneurysm.

By this stage, it was too late to treat this, and he developed a basilar artery occlusion, a form of stroke.  He then developed locked-in syndrome and sadly died of an infection.

Jason Brady was able to successfully argue that had the CT scans been correctly interpreted, and the signs of a stroke been recognised and treated earlier, our client’s husband would still be alive.

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