£240,000 secured in compensation after a failure to diagnose Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Jason Brady, Medical Negligence Partner was able to secure compensation after signs of Cauda Equina Syndrome were missed.

Radiologist doctor checking xray

Our client, Mrs F developed back pain and sciatica, with increasing numbness in her saddle area.  She contacted her GP and was offered painkillers and refused a home visit even though the claimant was not able to move.

She contacted the ambulance service to take her to hospital, but they delayed attending her for over 24 hours.  When she was eventually taken a trainee doctor diagnosed her with sciatica and was told that her GP should arrange an MRI scan.

Our client was in fact developing Cauda Equina Syndrome, her red flag symptom of numbness in the saddle area should have prompted an urgent admission to the hospital. Her GP, the ambulance service and the hospital all failed to recognise the symptom.

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Eventually after further delay on the part of the GP receiving hospital records and therefore organising the MRI scan, our client organised her own MRI scan on private basis.

The private consultant immediately realised the urgency of the situation, and our client attended hospital where she had a microdiscectomy, to relieve pressure on the nerves in the spine.

Our client has now been left with permanent bowel and bladder incontinence.  Had our client been treated promptly, she could have avoided these complications.

Jason Brady, Medical Negligence Partner was able to secure compensation on the basis that there was a failure to diagnose, admit and treat Mrs F for Cauda Equina in a timely manner whereby she would have avoided her injuries.

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