GP Negligence claim for delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer

Anna Watson secured compensation for her client after a delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer

In February 2018 Mr F made an appointment with their GP, complaining of groin pain, back pain, and trouble urinating. The GP diagnosed the issue as a side effect of medication our client was taking for high blood pressure.

Mr F made several more appointments as the symptoms continued, however, the GP failed to make the correct referrals or arrange testing.

In the Spring of 2018, Mr F attended a chiropractor, as the pain was becoming too unbearable. An X-ray was taken which showed suspected metastatic bone cancer. The chiropractor wrote to our client’s GP advising that urgent blood tests need to be taken to confirm this and to find where cancer had originated.

The chiropractor stated in evidence that they personally hand-delivered the referral letter, along with scans and their reports to the practice manager. The GP denied any knowledge of these documents, so our client was not referred for further testing.

In the Autumn of 2018, Mr F returned to the GP who examined his prostate and referred him to a hospital. After biopsies were taken, our client was informed that they had stage 4 prostate cancer. Mr F sadly passed away in the summer of 2019.

Anna Watson was able to secure compensation for the family of Mr F after proving the GP had breached their duty of care, by either losing or failing to action the urgent referral letters from the chiropractor.

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