General election brings GP performance to the fore

By Blackwater Law

With a general election now set for December 2019, the NHS has again become a focus of the manifestos of all major parties.

GP negligence

Doctor negligence can occur, in part, due to the pressures that GP’s are put under with an ever-increasing workload. This workload is increasing due to insufficient numbers of GP’s entering the workforce, together with large numbers of older GP’s taking retirement.

According to the Chief Executive of The King’s Fund:

“The volume and intensity of GP workloads is driving many to either reduce their hours or leave the profession altogether. While more GPs than ever are being trained, overall GP numbers are falling, with 6 per cent fewer full-time equivalent GPs in September 2018 than in 2015.”

Both the Conservative and Labour parties have announced plans to increase training places for GP’s with the Conservatives also outlining a plan to recruit qualified doctors from abroad.

However, with a previous policy in 2015 from the Conservatives of having 5,000 additional GPs by 2020 having not been met, it remains to be seen if the recruitment pledge made for the 2019 election will be achieved.

GP negligence claims

Sometimes GP negligence compensation will be pursued, not because of the actions of the doctor, but because getting an appointment is so difficult. In such cases, there may be instances where a diagnosis is delayed which results in a condition or disease having progressed further than it might have if the patient is seen in a timely manner, possibly resulting in more intensive treatment than might have originally be required.

GP negligence solicitors

Visiting your GP should leave you feeling reassured and confident in the treatment of your condition. If you have received care from your doctor that has resulted in an incorrect diagnosis or even a missed diagnosis, you should contact a solicitor who specialises in medical negligence, and specifically, one that can advise you on a GP negligence claim.

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