New study finds drug could help in aftermath of head injury

By Blackwater Law

UK doctors say that routinely giving Tranexamic acid to patients brought in to hospital with a head injury could save hundreds of lives a year.

Head Injuries

Research by The Lancet suggests that in a study of traumatic brain injury, administering Tranexamic acid early on in treatment can help to stop bleeding in and around the brain. However, it cannot undo damage already sustained.

During the trial, 12,000 patients were given the drug, while another test group were given a placebo. The drug works to by stopping blood clots from breaking down and is currently already used intravenously for patients with life threatening chest and abdominal bleeds as well as new mothers experiencing dangerous bleeding after childbirth.

The drug appeared to work when given up to three hours after the head injury was sustained. However, it was not effective for everyone. Those with severe head injuries are unlikely to benefit from it.

Prof Haleema Shakur from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who was a lead investigator on this study said,

“The results are just amazing. It’s the first trial to ever show that a [medical] treatment can reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury patients dying.

This is the first time that we have seen a beneficial effect. It will have huge implications worldwide.

It’s a widely available drug, it’s relatively cheap and it’s really simple to give.”

Compensation for head injury

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