More potential victims of Ian Paterson identified within old IT systems.

By Blackwater Law

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Roughly, 1,500 more patients of Mr Paterson will be recalled for investigation after details were discovered in old IT systems.

More patients discovered

Following an analysis of ‘legacy’ IT systems at Spire Healthcare, which ran the private hospitals Ian Paterson operated in, around 1,500 new patient details have been discovered.

The IT analysis looked at patient records between 1993 and somewhere in the early 2000s. Here it was discovered around 1,500 patients of Ian Paterson had not been contacted or recalled to have their surgeries investigated.

It adds to the 5,500 patients who have already been contacted by Spire Healthcare, regarding their procedures carried out by Mr Paterson.

A statement by Spire Health read:

“After having contacted all 5,500 identifiable patients of Paterson in late 2020, Spire undertook a further step to be certain that there were no outstanding patients who might require support, dating back to the earliest years of his practice.

“To do this, it revisited historic legacy IT systems in use between 1993 and the early 2000s, containing information about patients from over 20 years ago which had been thought to be inaccessible.”

However, following a further complex analysis of these legacy systems, Spire was able to identify the details of around 1,500 patients. These patients will now be contacted by Spire Healthcare and where appropriate, offered a review of the treatment they received by Paterson over 20 years ago and support.”

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Who is Ian Paterson?

In 2017, Ian Paterson was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison for 17 counts of wounding with intent and 3 counts of unlawful wounding.

It is thought Mr Paterson performed hundreds of unnecessary and even dangerous breast surgeries on women. Some of his victims never had cancer to begin with, and underwent mastectomies.

Paterson also performed ‘cleavage-saving mastectomies’ which was an invention of his own. The procedure meant leaving behind breast tissue which led to some patients’ cancer returning. This ‘technique’ was not in line with national guidelines.

Following an independent enquiry, it was ruled that “a culture of avoidance and denial” allowed Mr Paterson to go on performing these harmful procedures to hundreds of women at Spire Parkway Hospital, and Spire Little Ashton Hospital.

Thousands of patients were treated by Paterson during his time at Spire Hospitals, and the full extent of his crimes may never be known.

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Can I claim compensation?

For patients of Ian Paterson, a compensation scheme has been set up to deal with claims arising from treatment by Mr Paterson.

If you have been affected by this, you are able to contact any law firm, that can apply to the compensation scheme on your behalf.

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