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Here at Blackwater Law we are dedicated to working on your behalf to ensure that you are awarded the maximum level of compensation that you are entitled to when making a personal injury compensation claim.

Whilst every personal injury case is unique and the level of compensation awarded will depend on the individual circumstances of your injury, we have designed this helpful compensation calculator to provide you with a rough estimate of how much you might expect to receive. To use the compensation calculator, simply hover your mouse over the area of the body that corresponds to your injury to see how much compensation you could claim.

For each individual area of the body we have provided a minimum and maximum amount of compensation that is generally awarded for injuries to that body part. While these figures are only an estimate, it will give you a good idea of the potential figures involved, depending on the severity of your injury. For more information about each type of injury, simply click on the body part itself and you will be taken to the specific page for that injury type.

For more information about your own personal injury compensation claim, call our team of personal injury solicitors for a free consultation or fill out our enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

Hover over an area of the body to find out how much personal injury compensation you could expect to claim for your injury.


Up to £ 110,000.
Minor injury up to £ 8,000.


Up to £ 85,000.
Minor injury up to £ 12,000.


Up to £35,000.
Minor injury up to £8,000.


Up to £40,000.
Minor injury up to £5,000.


Up to £ 130,000.
Minor injury up to £ 4,000.


Up to £ 70,000.
Minor injury up to £ 8,000.

HeadNeckLeft ShoulderRight ShoulderBackLeft ArmLeft ArmRight ArmRight ArmLeft ElbowRight ElbowRight WristLeft WristRight HandLeft HandHipLeft Leg TopRight Leg TopLeft KneeRight KneeLeft Leg BottomRight Leg BottomLeft FootRight Foot


Body PartMajor InjuryMinor Injury
HeadUp to £257,000Minor injury up to £2,500
NeckUp to £35,000Minor injury up to £16,000
BackUp to £110,000Minor injury up to £8,000
HipUp to £8,000
ArmsUp to £85,000Minor Injury up to £12,000
LegUp to £86,000Minor Injury up to £5,750
FootUp to £70,000Minor Injury up to £8,000

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