Holiday compensation claims

If you or a family member have an accident on holiday or fall ill on holiday, you may be entitled to make a holiday injury claim, with assistance from Blackwater Law.

Holidays should be memorable for all the right reasons, and if they aren’t due to a false expectation provided by tour-operators or failings in meeting the requirements of a package you have booked and paid for, you could be able to make a holiday compensation claim.
When your holiday booking is accepted you and the company organizing your holiday enter into a legally binding contract.
The company is accountable for all services promised to you as part of the package, this could include flights, accommodation, transfers, car hire or more.
By law, the customer is right to have an expectation of the holiday that they have booked and paid for. Meaning that the holiday must be as described and no misleading information should be supplied.
The brochure with pictures of the swimming pool that doesn’t exist, or the beach that is significantly further than the ‘two minute walk’ detailed in the package.
Similarly upon suffering an accident abroad or become ill when it’s not your fault you could also have grounds to make a holiday accident claim and receive compensation.
An example of the kind of holiday compensation clams that can be made include:

  • Food poisoning
  • Drinking contaminated water
  • Road traffic accidents (on various transport methods, as a driver, passenger or pedestrian)
  • Water sport accidents
  • Recreational activity accidents
  • Slips/falls near pools or uneven surfaces
  • Natural disasters

If you believe you have been misinformed about your holiday or had accidents abroad through no fault of your own you can contact Blackwater Law today for help and advice. We will help you collect all the evidence you will need to make a claim.
We operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis offering guidance and updates regarding your case development.
To ensure the success of your case post-holiday you should aim to get in touch as soon as possible if you believe you have grounds for a holiday compensation claim because time limits can interfere with the grounds.

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