Deafness claims

If you have suffered deafness due to your work, you may be entitled to make an industrial disease claim, whether you are still working or not.

Occupational or Industrial Deafness occurs when hearing deteriorates over time due to workplace environments. Environments from which occupational deafness may result include factories, coal mines and shipyards. These are all examples of workplaces in which noisy machinery and equipment are used. At Blackwater Law, we’re experts when it comes to deafness claims.

Complying With Legislation

If you feel that you’ve suffered from deafness as a result of your workplace environment, we can help you with a noise induced hearing loss claim. Negligence can occur when the Noise at Work Act 1989 is not adhered to. This legislation was put in place to prevent cases of industrial deafness from occurring and has led to workplaces becoming much quieter in general. If you feel your employer has acted without respect for this legislation, you may be entitled to deafness compensation.

Collecting Evidence to Strengthen Your Case

You will need to show that your hearing problems are related to the environment that you worked in. We can work closely alongside you to make your case as robust as possible and curate all the evidence that you will need for noise induced hearing loss compensation to be paid out.
Though technological advancements have generally made equipment and machinery quieter, we still see people suffering from workplace-related deafness due to no fault of their own. We’ll leave no stone unturned when making your case as strong as possible.

Battling for Justice and Compensation

We can help you to battle for the compensation you deserve, or to fight for justice on behalf of a loved one. It is worth remembering that strict time limits are in place when it comes to deafness compensation claims, so it’s best to act now rather than leaving it too long.
Having worked on so many noise induced hearing loss claims, we’re perfectly placed to provide you with the support, advice and empowerment that you seek. Our personal injury lawyers are experts when it comes to workplace deafness and have worked successfully on a diverse series of case.

Keeping You Informed

At Blackwater Law, we never leave our clients in the dark when it comes to a claim and will always be in touch to inform you about any development that might occur as things progress. Talk to us today to see if you have a case.
Our track record when it comes to workplace injury claims is second-to-none and our lawyers are all experts in their field, so you can always expect to receive up-to-date advice on all aspects of occupational deafness legislation. We’ll always communicate with you in plain English to ensure that confusion never occurs and that you always know where you stand. Get in touch with us today to talk about deafness claims.

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