Tinnitus Compensation Claims

Tinnitus is a loud prolonged ringing in the ears. Whilst most of us may suffer from the condition from time to time, perhaps after attending a rock concert for instance, many people facing tinnitus on a long-term basis can link their circumstances to their work environment.

Long-term tinnitus is often caused by noisy workplaces and in many cases the situation could have been avoided if an employer had adhered to the law. Tinnitus can cause difficulty sleeping, functioning in general and even lead to depression.

Was Your Employer Negligent?

Many cases of tinnitus are the result of workers not being provided with the safety equipment required. Tinnitus usually occurs when someone is exposed to a noisy environment over a long period of time. In extreme cases, tinnitus can be continuous, though most of the time it is an intermittent sensation. There is no cure for tinnitus, although there are steps you can take such as using sound pillows that can reduce the irritation and suffering to some degree. Nonetheless, if you have suffered from tinnitus due to no fault of your own it’s only right that you should battle for compensation.

Fighting For You

At Blackwater Law, we’ve successfully battled for compensation on behalf of hundreds of tinnitus sufferers. If you have a ringing or humming sensation in your ears or head and the situation is showing no signs of letting up, talk to us today about making a tinnitus claim. If you can present us with enough evidence to prove that the tinnitus was caused by a working environment, there’s every chance that you will be entitled to tinnitus compensation.

Tinnitus compensation claims can help you to pay for any related treatments that you may require and can offset any relevant loss of earnings. Compensation from tinnitus claims can also reflect any psychological pain and suffering that you may have experienced. We’re passionate about delivering justice when it comes to workplace injury and will always fight tirelessly on your behalf until the desired outcome is reached.

Strengthening Your Case

Call today if you think you have a case. We’ll never go forward with a tinnitus compensation claim unless we think you have a good chance of success and will always keep you informed about any developments that might occur. We always communicate with our clients in plain English in order to avoid confusion and will work closely alongside you in order to gather as much evidence together as we need to.

We can put you in touch with medical experts who will be able to assess your condition and visit your workplace. If you feel that your employer failed to adhere to their duty of care, was negligent and didn’t offer you any necessary training, we can help you to achieve justice.

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“Anna Woolf’s persistent nature when dealing with the defendant’s insurance company and encouragement when it came to pursuing the correct amount in compensation was excellent. Once again, a big thank you to Anna and all involved with my case.”

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