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Blackwater Law have established a reputation as the leading personal injury solicitors in Essex. Our team of highly experienced personal injury solicitors will handle your compensation claim with skill, dedication and the utmost discretion. We handle accident compensation claims for victims of road traffic accidents, clinical negligence, accidents at work and more.

Workplace accidents can happen due to a lack of proper training, inappropriate or defective equipment, safety hazards in the workplace, lack of protective equipment or clothing, mistakes made by other employees or even assaults at work. If you sustain an injury while at work you may be eligible to file a claim for for compensation. Learn more about our workplace accident claims service.

The birth of a new baby is an important time for the whole family and should be cherished, so if things go wrong during the pregnancy or the birth the effects can be absolutely devastating. If the mother or baby is harmed due to medical negligence, a claim for birth injury compensation may be possible. Learn more about our birth injury claims service.

Accidents in nursing homes can range in severity from minor slips and trips to broken bones and fractures and even, in some cases, death. There have also been cases of pressure sores developing where residents were not assisted in moving around to maintain adequate blood circulation. Learn more about our care home negligence claims service.

Doctors and nurses generally provide excellent care for their patients, often in difficult circumstances and under extreme pressure. Nevertheless, medical practitioners still sometimes make mistakes that should have been avoided. If you or a member of your family have suffered as a result of poor medical care, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Our experienced team of expert clinical negligence solicitors have helped many people in similar situations and can offer you the legal advice, help and support you need. Learn more about our clinical negligence claims service.

When mistakes are made and things go wrong during a cosmetic surgery procedure, the consequences for the patient can be devastating. The physical and emotional aspect of the pain, discomfort or disfigurement caused by a poor cosmetic procedure can have life-changing consequences for the victim, and can also have an effect financially as well. While our personal injury solicitors know that nothing can make up for the distress caused by an incorrect procedure, if you have suffered at the hands of a negligent cosmetic surgeon, you may be entitled to claim compensation as a result. Learn more about our cosmetic surgery claims service.

If you have been the victim of an attack or assault then you will know just how distressing it can be. The damage caused is not just physical; often the psychological impact is far more difficult to deal with. Our specialist criminal injury solicitors are some of the most dedicated and experienced in the UK, and they will do their utmost to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Learn more about our criminal injuries compensation claims service.

Head or brain injuries can lead to life-changing circumstances and can pose significant short and long-term risks to your health. Knowledge and expertise in this field is vital when building a case for a head or brain injury compensation claim. As corporate members of Headway, the brain injury association, Blackwater Law are committed to helping those who suffer head or brain injuries. Learn more about our head or brain injuries compensation claims service.

If you have been given incorrect information about your holiday or been involved in an accident while abroad, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. We are able to help clients claim compensation for a variety of injuries and illnesses suffered while on holiday, and we can also represent the families of people who have lost their lives while abroad. With our extensive experience of handling personal injury claims, we will help you receive the compensation you deserve. Learn more about our holiday compensation claims service.

Safeguarding the health and safety of employees should be a primary concern for any employer. However, if this responsibility is not taken seriously then it could leave staff vulnerable to a wide range of industrial illnesses, from minor ailments such as work-related dermatitis to potentially more serious and even life threatening respiratory diseases and chemical poisoning. If you have been exposed to dangerous substances or suffered an injury as a result of your working conditions, then you may be entitled to make claim for compensation to aid your recovery and cover any loss of earnings. Learn more about our industrial disease compensation claims service.

Serving in the Armed Forces is, by its nature, a dangerous job. There are serious risks involved in military combat and it is inevitable that injuries and fatalities will occur. However, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has a responsibility to minimise those risks where possible, so if you suffer an avoidable injury during military service you could be entitled to claim compensation – just as you would in any other job. Learn more about our military injury claims service.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is caused by frightening, stressful or traumatic events and can be extremely difficult to deal with. Many people automatically associate PTSD with military service, but there are many distressing events that can cause PTSD, such as serious road accidents, violent personal assaults and natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or tsunamis. Learn more about our PTSD claims service.

All businesses which grant access to members of the public have a duty of care and must ensure that their facilities are safe to use and free of health hazards. If you have been the victim of an accident in a public place and have suffered an injury as a result, then you may be entitled to make a public liability claim. Learn more about our public liability claims service.

Road traffic accident claims are the most common type of personal injury claim in the UK, yet the injuries sustained in car accidents can vary greatly. Each case is different and requires specialist legal advice to ensure that the highest level of compensation is achieved. Learn more about our road traffic accident claims service.

No Win No Fee

At Blackwater Law, we arrange a no win no fee service for all our customers who have been injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault or have suffered due to medical negligence.

Blackwater Law additional services

By weighing up your immediate needs, Blackwater Law can start dealing with your case and assessing your potential claim right from the word go. Whether your claim is for personal injury, medical treatment or loss of earnings, Blackwater Law can arrange additional services for you. These include, free replacement car hire and repairs for victims of road traffic accidents. We also offer early referral for free and professional medical treatment, such as a chiropractor. This is to ensure you receive the best medical treatment you need, without being placed on a NHS waiting list.

About our specialist team

As corporate members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) our specialist personal injury team recognise and deliver the highest level of service and personal injury advice to all of our clients. Within our team we are also proud to have a number of individuals with personal APIL accreditation in acknowledgement of their experience and expertise in handling a variety of personal injury claims on behalf of clients.

Understanding the difference

Understanding the difference between large injury claims companies and personal injury representation from Blackwater Law stems from the amount of personal contact you receive. Many insurance or large injury claims companies do not provide legal support themselves, instead acting as a broker who in turn sells your case onto the firm that actually handles your claim in court. Unfortunately, this results in many victims that hope to claim compensation being advised and represented by an unknown firm, sometimes miles from where they live, who they are not able to meet personally. At Blackwater Law, our promise to you is that we are the only firm you will be advised by, right through until the outcome of your case. We take on a personal promise to be at your side from day one until the end.

Personal Injury Compensation

Compensation awarded often has to cover a wide variety of expenses, beyond that of simply compensating you for your injury. Costs can accumulate to cover medical treatment, loss of earnings and even travel expenses. However, here at Blackwater Law, we incorporate all of these costs into your claim to ensure you are awarded the full amount of compensation that you deserve. Blackwater Law have won thousands of cases for our clients, in a wide range of injury claims, so please let our personal injury experts help you too.

Clinical Negligence

After suffering sudden temporary blindness in his right eye and loss of control of his right arm, Mr L booked an appointment at his GP’s surgery but was told by his doctor he had nothing to worry about and that the occurrence was most likely a one-off. Following the visit to his GP, Mr L continued to suffer problems with his eyes and also found he was suffering periods of disorientation and confusion.

Mr L’s condition continued to worsen and whilst at work one day suffered total blindness for 40 minutes and loss of control in his left arm. He was taken to his local A&E where he was examined by several specialists, none of whom acknowledged any problem which might be causing Mr L’s symptoms.

After returning home Mr L suffered another period of temporary blindness, this time lasting around 20 minutes. Concerned for his health Mr L booked another appointment to see his GP the following the day. After another examination the GP on duty was unable to identify any problem and recommended Mr L book an appointment with a local optician. The optician subsequently told Mr L that there were no problems with his eyes.

Still very concerned, Mr L booked an appointment to see a specialist at another local hospital. 2 days before his scheduled appointment Mr L suffered a very serious stroke which meant he was hospitalised for over two months.

With the help of Blackwater Law’s specialist clinical negligence team, Mr L was awarded a significant sum after making a claim in the High Court for damages and losses arising from the failure of numerous doctors to realise he was showing classic symptoms of the onset of a stroke.

“Great service all round.” – Mr L

Accident at work

Mr B, a lorry driver from Essex, won a £100,000 settlement from his employer (a logistics company) when he suffered significant injuries as a result of falling 13 feet from the trailer of his lorry whilst attempting to secure the vehicle’s heavy load of concrete slabs.

Accident at school

Miss C, a student, received £65,000 in compensation for significant dental injuries she sustained when a floor mat placed by a main entrance to her school caused her to trip and strike her face hard on the doors in front of her. Miss C’s dental injuries were such that they required treatment spanning a number of years.

Road traffic accident

Miss B was a minor when she was knocked down on a pedestrian crossing, suffering significant injury to her knee. At aged 19 she was still experiencing on-going pain due to the injury to her cruciate ligament and was told she would require a knee replacement in the near future. Despite the defendant denying liability Blackwater Law took Miss B’ case to trial. Before the case got to trial the defendant offered £50,000 but eventually agreed to pay £70,000.

Public liability

Miss B stayed in a Hotel for several days whilst on a work related trip. After the first night Miss B felt ill and nauseous but by the second morning she had difficulty breathing, was coughing and felt very unwell. After reporting this to hotel staff they confirmed there was ammonia gas leaking from a discarded fridge which had been left in the wardrobe. The defendant’s insurer denied liability but after Blackwater Law issued proceedings they offered to settle the claim for £26,000.

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“Anna Woolf’s persistent nature when dealing with the defendant’s insurance company and encouragement when it came to pursuing the correct amount in compensation was excellent. Once again, a big thank you to Anna and all involved with my case.”

Mr. H, London

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