Amputation claims

If you have suffered a serious injury whilst serving in the armed forces and you have had one or multiple limbs amputated, you are likely to be entitled to military injury compensation.

The consequences of a lost limb can be truly devastating as well as life-changing. There are many reasons why you might lose a limb as a result of someone else’s actions, and a great deal of claims we work with here at Blackwater Law are the direct result of negligence. If you’ve lost fingers, arms, legs, toes or feet due to negligence, we can help.

Amputation is usually a last resort after a body part has been damaged during an accident or suffered an infection. Some limbs are lost in accidents – these are called amputations caused by traumas and can be the result of road accidents or dangerous machines. We have helped a huge range of amputation victims get the compensation that they deserve, so you can rely on our professional experts to help you to put a case forward.

Keeping You in the Loop

It’s essential that an experienced solicitor is used in the event of an amputation claim being put forward. Our specialists are here to help you seek justice and will always keep you in the loop about how things are developing at every stage. All we need from you is as much evidence as possible in order to strengthen your claim, from witness statements to photographs. We work closely with medical experts to make your claim as tough as possible, arranging maximum compensation in the shortest space of time. We will guide you through each stage of your claim and always explain the situation to you in simplified language to avoid confusion.

Compensation for your accident can cover medical expenses, the psychological suffering caused to you, expenses for carers, lost earnings and any adaptations that you might need to make to your home and your lifestyle. Whether you have to accept a change in role or cannot work at all, compensation is there to offset these losses and changes. The costs of healthcare can be colossal, but compensation is again there to cover these expenses, whether you need rehabilitation, prescriptions, physiotherapy or all of these treatments. You may even need cosmetic surgery as a result of the amputation. Again, we can fight for the compensation you deserve on your behalf.

Be Covered for Costs and More

Phantom Limb Syndrome is also another common experience. This is where a patient experiences pain, itching and other irritation even after the limb has been removed. The mental results of an amputation can also be severe, but compensation can help you to get the emotional support you require in order to overcome psychological issues. Amputation claims are there to pay for artificial limbs, counselling, wheelchairs and any other technology and services needed to help you to adjust. By presenting us with as much evidence as you can, you can help us to help you. Call us now to discuss your situation and we’ll talk to you in great detail about your options.

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