Defective equipment claims

If you have been injured due to poor military equipment, be it a vehicle, a weapon or some other apparatus, you may be entitled to make a military injury compensation claim.

There’s nothing wrong in expecting the tools and equipment we are given to do our job to work properly and be suited to the tasks we need to complete. In the vast majority of cases, we can rely on our equipment and tools but when we can’t, we may find ourselves being the victim of an accident that wasn’t our fault.

Overcoming Injustice and Negligence

Blackwater Law have dealt with hundreds of defective equipment claims over the years and can help you fight for the compensation that your deserve. Defective equipment compensation can help you to pay for any treatment that you might need to overcome your injury and can also cover any loss of income resulting from it. It can also go some way towards improving your quality of life and even encourage others to come forward if they’ve been the victim of a workplace accident that wasn’t their fault, at the same time making employers aware of the need for fully-operational safe equipment and tools. Sadly, some people have died due to faulty workplace equipment but compensation can also help your loved ones pay for any costs incurred due to your death.

Your Employer’s Obligations

Our lawyers have worked on a wide series of defective equipment cases and can help you fight for justice. Employers are legally obliged to ensure that all machinery and working equipment is in good working order and that it is maintained regularly. All employees should be fully trained in using the equipment and protective clothing and accessories should be issued if there are risks attached to it. Employees must also inform staff if any risks are discovered and faulty equipment must be withdrawn from use if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Leaving No Stone Unturned

If you have suffered from a defective equipment injury and feel that your employer did not adhere to their duty of care, call Blackwater Law today. We won’t press forward with a claim unless we think you have a case. We will send engineers and a solicitor out to inspect the defective item if we need to and will always keep you in the loop about how things are progressing as they develop. With our help, you can fight for the compensation you deserve and pay for any treatment that you may require after your injury. At Blackwater Law, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to fighting for justice. There are strict time limits when it comes to personal injury claims so get in touch today to avoid disappointment. Talk to our experts today about defective equipment claims and find out whether we can help make it a success.

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