Holiday compensation – know the law before you travel

By Blackwater Law

General rule of thumb when going on holiday is to take out an insurance policy to protect you and your family from any mishaps that may happen on holiday.

However, insurance alone will not help you make a compensation claim if you have actually broken the law whilst in another country. In many cases, breaking the law can actually invalidate your insurance , making it almost impossible for you to claim any compensation for any injuries or losses that you may incur.

So, before travelling it is really worth reading up on the different laws relating to driving, beach etiquette and basics like crossing the road.

If you are driving to your destination, It is important to spend as much time as possible before you travel to familiarise yourself with the law. Check the speed limits for whichever country you are travelling to. Ensure you have the appropriate breakdown cover, correct insurance, and any other paperwork for your car. You should also check the limits for drinking and driving. For example, from July 2012 France introduced a new law that all drivers have to have a breathalyser in their car. This law extends to anyone driving through France. Also, in case of breakdown in France, all drivers should carry a warning triangle and fluorescent vest.

Failure to comply with laws in the country that you are driving in can often result in on the spot fines. If you are unlucky enough to have an accident whilst driving abroad, than call your insurance company straight away and find out if you are able to claim any accident compensation for injuries sustained.

For those of you flying to your destination, you will find that certain countries are particularly hot on beach etiquette. Greece does have some strict laws relating to what is and what is not appropriate attire on the beach or in public places. Turkey too, expects people to dress respectfully in public places. Did you know that sunbathers in Mallorca and Barcelona who leave the beach in their swimwear could be fined as much as £500? For a stress free holiday it really does pay to do your research, follow a few basic rules and show respect to the country you are visiting.

If you have had an accident or sustained an injury whilst on holiday, and it was not your fault, then call Blackwater Law today and speak to one of our personal injury solicitors who will be able to give you a free initial assessment on your potential claim for compensation. If there is a compensation case to pursue, then all claims are accepted on the basis of our no win, no fee arrangement.