Cancer misdiagnosis and compensation claims

If your cancer has been misdiagnosed or there has been a delay in treatment, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. There is likely to be a particularly strong legal argument for compensation if your cancer treatment was delayed as a result of misdiagnosis and this treatment was therefore not as effective as it could have been if the diagnosis had been made correctly in the first instance.

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Making a Claim for Cancer Misdiagnosis

There are a number of circumstances that may provide grounds for a claiming compensation for misdiagnosis of cancer, these include:

  • Presenting to your GP with symptoms that should reasonably have been associated with a risk of cancer, but your cancer was misdiagnosed with another, perhaps more minor condition.
  • Your GP identifies your symptoms as potentially being due to cancer but you are not urgently referred to see a specialist for further assessment.
  • Your GP refers you to a specialist but an appointment is not made or is significantly delayed.
  • You are diagnosed as having cancer and receive treatment for cancer when you do not actually have it.
  • Your treatment is inappropriately administered affecting its effectiveness or exacerbating side-effects unnecessarily.
  • You undergo assessment to determine whether you have cancer, but this assessment is not carried out correctly, leading to invalid results.
  • You undergo appropriate assessment to determine whether you have cancer but the results are incorrectly interpreted by your doctor, leading to incorrect assessment and treatment advice.
  • Your cancer may be incorrectly assessed as being at an earlier stage than it is, meaning you do not get the treatment required to deal with your cancer appropriately.

Free initial advice on claiming cancer misdiagnosis compensation

The first step to claiming compensation for misdiagnosis of cancer is to find out whether you may actually have grounds for a case. The only way to determine this is to call or email Blackwater Law and speak with one of our specialist clinical negligence solicitors. You can explain to the solicitor you speak with how and when your cancer was diagnosed, whether there were any delays, how it was or is being treated and what the care you have received has been like. We will quickly be able to tell you whether you may be entitled to compensation and will also be able to answer any questions you may have.