Sepsis misdiagnosis kills pensioner

By Blackwater Law

A 73 year old died in Birmingham’s Heartlands Hospital after signs of sepsis were missed.

Sepsis misdiagnosis

In yet another worrying case, a sepsis misdiagnosis has taken place despite an increase in awareness and the NHS putting steps in place to recognise the bacterial infection in its early stages.

Sepsis is not always something that is only contracted within a hospital setting and it is important that we all know the symptoms. If you believe you have signs of sepsis it is vital you seek medical advice before it progresses to hospitalisation – catching it early usually involves just a course of antibiotics.

If it is not diagnosed at an early stage, the consequences of sepsis can be life changing, with amputations and internal organ damage being common-place.

Mr Shaw, who had his arm amputated after a sepsis misdiagnosis, was represented by Jason Brady at Blackwater Law during his sepsis claim.

“We went to the hospital, sat around, had a blood test done and the nurses mentioned that it could be an infection, but the doctor came in after looking at the x-rays I’d had taken, and said it was tendonitis. Insisted it was tendonitis, gave me a splint, and sent me home. That was on the Friday and that’s really the last thing I remember until possibly three weeks later when I woke up after being in a coma. I didn’t know then that I’d lost my left arm. My right arm had been opened right up to ease the swelling.”

Signs of sepsis

Sepsis is different in adults, older children and younger children. Make sure you know the differences and if you suspect a family member or friend has sepsis, then seek medical assistance immediately.

The signs of sepsis

Sepsis claims

If you believe that you have a reason to make a claim for sepsis compensation then we can help. Speak to one of our specialist medical negligence solicitors and get free initial advice. We can then advice if you have a valid sepsis claim and advise you of the next steps.

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