Placental abruption claims

The placenta is a vital support system to your baby, if there is an issue with the placenta then the baby can be at great danger. A placental abruption is where the placenta comes away from the wall of the womb.

What is a placental abruption?

Placental abruption is when the placenta starts to come away from the wall of the womb before the baby has been safely born. This is a very serious condition and a medical emergency because it means that the vital support system for the baby is failing.

What causes placental abruption?

Placental abruption can have an obvious cause such as a trauma to the mother through a road traffic accident or a fall, however there are also other related factors such as pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction, which can lead to a placental abruption.

There are also a number of other known risk factors, of which medical professionals should factor in where these are clearly known and if necessary, provide additional monitoring. A failure to do so, may result in a claim for placental abruption compensation where appropriate. Risk factors include:

  • Having previously had a placental abruption
  • Having an intrauterine infection
  • Having very high blood pressure
  • Smoking during pregnancy
  • Taking drugs such as cocaine during pregnancy

What does placental abruption mean for my baby?

Ultimately the impact of a placental abruption on your baby depends on the severity. If only a small part of the placenta has detached from the womb, and if you are under 34 weeks gestation it is likely that you will be closely monitored to ensure that the baby continues to develop and grow and to identify any early signs of labour. In these instances, if a medical professional fails to carry out additional monitoring, such as additional ultrasound scans or midwife appointments, and where harm then occurs to either mother or baby, a placental abruption claim may arise.

However, if the abruption is more severe, it is likely that you may be losing a lot of blood. Medical professionals may deem it necessary to carry out an emergency caesarean to protect both mother and baby. This may mean that your baby needs additional monitoring and care depending on whether they were born prematurely and whether any injury or harm arose as a result of the placental abruption.

Unfortunately, in some instances, a placental abruption can be fatal for both mother and/or baby. However, this is rare.

What complications can arise from a placental abruption?

Depending on the severity and extent of placental abruption, both mother and baby may suffer complications.

Complications to the baby due to placental abruption:

  • Being born prematurely
  • Low birth weight
  • Stillbirth
  • Brain injury from a lack of oxygen

Complications to the mother due to placental abruption:

  • Blood loss/haemorrhage
  • Complications arising from emergency surgery

Placental abruption negligence

We place our trust in medical professionals, however, in some instances medical negligence can occur, with devastating consequences. There are a number of instances in which a placental abruption negligence claim may arise.

Firstly, those that present with an increased risk of a placental abruption, such as those with fetal growth restriction, a previous placental abruption or where a trauma has happened during pregnancy should be offered additional monitoring to identify whether a placental abruption has occurred. In instances where a medical professional fails to act on known risk factors and where a subsequent placental abruption occurs, may result in a claim for placental abruption.

Additionally, where it is known that there is a placental abruption it is vital to provide the correct medical care. This care and treatment depend on a number of factors and the most appropriate decision should be shared with you. If a medical professional fails to provide the correct treatment such as an early c-section delivery and if the baby or mother suffers adversely as a result, they may be entitled to seek placental abruption compensation.

A claim for placental abruption compensation may also arise if the baby is born in a poor condition, for example if there is a potential brain injury as a result of oxygen starvation caused by the abruption, but where medical professionals do not take timely measures to provide the best possible care.

Why make a placental abruption claim?

Taking the initial steps to pursue a claim for placental abruption can be daunting. However, Blackwater Law are specialist birth injury lawyers and represent families across the country who have suffered the consequences of poor care.

A claim for placental abruption, if successful, can provide financial security by providing medical treatment that may be required, as well as the potential to provide additional support such as counselling, if needed. These can all help families to focus on what’s important without the additional financial stress that a life-changing injury can cause.

Why choose Blackwater Law?

As specialist birth injury solicitors, Blackwater Law understand the importance of your claim. Our medical negligence solicitors have extensive experience in advising clients in relation to a wide ranging of birthing and maternity incidents sustained by mothers and children during pregnancy, or post labour, including placental abruption claims.

Our team is accredited as one of the leading teams of medical negligence lawyers in the South East, by the Legal 500, a ranking of the UK’s top law firms in various specialist legal areas.

If you or your baby suffered adversely due a placental abruption you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

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