Mental health care claims

If your family member has received poor mental health care, and has suffered physical or mental injury as a result, you may be entitled to make a mental health care claim. A successful claim however, will require expert advice from a medical negligence solicitor.

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Claiming for mental health care negligence

Your family member is likely to be one of society’s more vulnerable members. Unfortunately, mental health care services are over-stretched and this can mean that patients do not receive the care and support they need to the extent they actually need it, or as frequently as they need it.

There are a variety of circumstances that might lead to you having grounds to make a claim for medical negligence relating to mental health care or psychiatric care. These include:

  • Mental health problems not being identified by a GP or doctor. This may provide grounds for a misdiagnosis claim.
  • A GP or doctor failing to refer your family member to a mental health specialist or for further assessment.
  • Significant delays between a referral to see a mental health specialist and an appointment/session actually taking place. An incident may have taken place in the interim.
  • Your family member has been released too early from a secure centre and they have subsequently injured themselves or someone else.
  • Your family member had an accident whilst in the care of a mental health professional or whilst at a mental health facility.
  • Your family member has been assaulted or otherwise unlawfully injured whilst at a mental health facility. They may have been detained using an unreasonable level of force, for example.
  • Care provided in the home can also fall below a reasonable standard, causing accident, injury or illness.

The above are only some of the examples of instances in which your family may be able to successfully claim compensation for injuries and suffering your loved-one has sustained. If your case does not fall into any of the above examples, yet you believe the care provided to them has been negligent in some way, call Blackwater Law for free initial advice. Every claim for mental health care is different and as such it is often best to simply talk to a specialist medical negligence solicitor about your claim over the telephone. This way you can quickly find out if you may be entitled to make a medical negligence claim.

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Expert mental health care solicitors

Blackwater Law solicitors advise and represent clients across the country in making claims relating to medical negligence, including cases involving mental health care and psychiatric care. Our team of specialist lawyers is recognised by The Legal 500 as a leading team of solicitors based in the South East, but are involved in cases across England and Wales.

Their legal knowledge, experience and reputation mean that when you seek advice on claiming compensation from Blackwater Law, you will receive some of the best legal guidance available.


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  • Recognised as expert medical negligence lawyers

No win, no fee claims for compensation

Should we advise you that you are able to make a claim for compensation, we will agree to advise and represent you in making your claim on a no win, no fee basis. This means you do not need to worry about paying legal fees if your case is unsuccessful, so there is no risk to you to your family. If you claim for compensation is successful, our legal fee will only ever be a percentage of your compensation amount. The exact percentage will be agreed with you at the outset of your case, so there will be complete transparency.

Free initial advice regarding health care claims

Blackwater Law provide free initial advice and guidance to anyone thinking about making a claim for mental health care negligence. You can call us for free initial advice on 0800 083 5500. You will speak directly to a specialist medical negligence solicitor here at Blackwater Law. They will ask you about the care provided and the injuries or suffering that have been caused. You can ask any questions you may have and our solicitor will quickly be able to tell you whether you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

The impact of negligent mental health care

Many of the patients receiving mental health care, be it in hospital, a specialist mental health care centre, in the home or via referral through their GP, are vulnerable members of society. For this reason the provision of care must be planned, professional, timely and appropriate. Shortcomings in the provision of care, whether it be delayed diagnosis or provision of wrong prescription, can have a significant impact on the patient’s mental well-being.

Where care is not provided in a timely fashion, is ill-planned or is simply not appropriate for the patient r their specific condition, it can cause quick and serious deterioration, cause associated mental health issues and lead to physical injury, perhaps through the risk of self-harm or simply through increased risk of a serious accident due to erratic behaviour. Careful monitoring of patients displaying symptoms of mental health issues or at risk of mental health issues is crucial.

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